Fundraise Up

Corporate Sponsorship

Easily accept donations directly on a corporate sponsor’s website

Sponsor Branding

Customize Checkout to feature the corporate sponsor’s branding and links. Donation emails can also be customized to include the sponsor’s branding.

Integrate Anywhere

The Fundraise Up code can be included on a corporate sponsor’s website or company intranet for a truly integrated and on-brand donation experience.

No Developer Required

By simply including the Fundraise Up code on their website, a corporate sponsor can begin accepting donations on your behalf.

How it Works

To place your checkout on the sponsor's website, you just need to pass the code of the button or other element
The branded checkout will open on the sponsor's page, without a redirect and taking traffic away
All donations from your sponsor's websites will appear in your dashboard. You can customize the distribution of branded emails to donors and notifications for sponsors.
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