Click to Pay

Enable Click to Pay as a payment method to allow donors to easily and securely make donations using their American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa payment cards.


  • A Stripe user account with an Administrator or Developer user role
  • A Fundraise Up user account with the Administrator role
  • A Fundraise Up account based in US, UK, Canada or Australia

Accepted currencies USD
Minimum donation amount $1
Recurring giving No
Works with Checkout modal, Campaign Page, Donor Portal

Enable Secure Remote Commerce in Stripe

In your organization's Stripe account, visit Payment methods.

Scroll to Secure Remote Commerce and click Activate. The Activate Secure Remote Commerce window will appear as shown below.

For Sandbox Callback URL, enter the following value:


For Production Callback URL, enter the following value:


Note: The URL for the Sandbox Callback URL and Production Callback URL is the same.

Click Activate. The Activate Secure Remote Commerce window will close and Secure Remote Commerce should be shown as live.

Next, write down the Checkout ID as highlighted below.

Note:  The Checkout ID is unique to your organization's Stripe account.

Activate Click to Pay in Fundraise Up

In your organization's Fundraise Up dashboard, visit the Click To Pay payment option page and click Enable Click To Pay.

Enter the Checkout ID copied from Stripe in the Checkout ID field as shown below.

Click Connect Click To Pay.

We will notify you if the Checkout ID provided is valid - if not, we'll provide the message we received from the Mastercard API, and provide a message to contact Stripe support.

As long as the Checkout ID was valid, Click to Pay will now be enabled and will appear as a payment method in your Campaign Pages and Checkout modals, as demonstrated below.

Note: Click to Pay will only appear as a payment method for transactions in the base currency of the Fundraise Up account. For example, for a Canada-based nonprofit, Click to Pay will only appear for transactions in CAD.

Please be aware that if all payment options are enabled, and the visitor's browser is eligible for Venmo, then the visitor will see Venmo instead of Click To Pay.


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