Donor Map

Donor Map is an interactive map that displays the general location of where donors are giving from. Donor Map automatically cycles through the display of tooltips for each location marker that show the amount raised and number of donations made for a particular area.

Code snippet

When you create a Donor Map component, a code snippet will be generated for it. You place this code on your website using a CMS or code editor to render Donor Map.


These settings control the configuration that Checkout launches with when the component is interacted with.

  • Campaigns: Dropdown selector to determine which Campaigns the Donor Map component should display donations. You can connect multiple Campaigns to show details for multiple fundraising activities or channels.
  • Donor’s name: When a map marker is selected, a popover displays a list of donations, the donors who made the donations. By default, Donor Map will show the full name (first and last name) of donors in the list. Using the selector, you can choose between four ways to display names:
    • Full name (e.g. Max Smith)
    • First name, last initial (Max S.)
    • First name (Max)
    • Hide — no name shown
  • Show: These options control how information is displayed in the Donor Map popover. By default, all options are enabled. Unselected an option will hide it from the popover.
    • Donation amount: The amount of the donation
    • Donation date: The date of the donation
    • Donation comment: If the comments feature is enabled for a connected Campaign’s Checkout and a donor provided a comment, the comment is shown in the popover.
    • Emoji: An emoji will be displayed for each entry in the popover


This setting controls the starting position and zoom level of Donor Map. Website visitors can change the position and zoom level by interacting with the map.


The Height setting in this view controls the height of Donor Map in pixels. The height of Donor Portal can be adjusted from 200 to 700px.

Donor Map will consume the full width of the container it is placed within. You can use CSS to restrict the width of a container where Donor Map has been placed.


These settings control how Donate Button is translated.

Default language

When Localization is enabled, a dropdown is shown in the settings for Donor Map. The selected language will be used as the default translation when Fundraise Up is unable to auto-detect a donor’s language preferences.

Label translations

When Localization is enabled, you can select the languages you want to translate the tooltip and popover labels into. You can enable translations for any supported language.


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