Impact Slider

Engage donors with an interactive donation slider.

Impact Slider is an interactive Elements component that visualizes the connection between a donation amount and its impact. It can include six values that are either displayed as amount by impact or impact by amount.

Code snippet

Impact Slider is installed on your website by placing its code snippet in the area of a page layout where you want it to appear. The code snippet is automatically generated when you create an Impact Slider component.


These settings control the characteristics of Checkout when it is launched from Impact Slider.

  • Open campaign: Connects Impact Slider to a Campaign and defines the Checkout that will launch from Image Impact Slider.
  • Frequency: Defines whether a one-time or recurring frequency will be selected by default when Checkout launches. By default, the option is defaulted to match the connected Campaign’s Checkout settings.
  • Designation: Defines the designation that will be preselected when Checkout is launched (if designations are enabled for the connected Campaign).


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