P2P Link

The P2P Link is a flexible component that can be implemented on your website, in emails, or across other channels to provide visitors with an easy way to start or join a P2P fundraiser. When the URL is visited, the P2P onboarding screen is launched.

Generated URL

When you create a P2P Link, a unique tracking URL is generated. By default, the domain used for the URL is donorsupport.co. When a custom domain is added to Donor Portal, that domain is used instead to generate P2P Link URLs.



This is a P2P Link URL generated from within Fundraise Up. In this example, because the custom domain, donate.ropsi.org, has been added for Donor Portal, the URL is generated using the custom domain.

Custom domains: If you add a custom domain to Fundraise Up, avoid changing it. If you add a new custom domain, links generated using the previous domain will stop working.


These settings control the configuration that Checkout launches with when the component is interacted with.

  • Open campaign: Dropdown selector to determine which Campaign the component should be connected to
  • Frequency: The donation mode that Checkout should launch with
    • Match Checkout settings: Launch Checkout using the default frequency option set for its Campaign
    • Default one time: Launch Checkout and preselect the one-time donation option
    • Default recurring: Launch Checkout and preselect the recurring donation option
  • Designation: The designation that should be preselected when Checkout is launched
    • Match Checkout settings: Launch Checkout using the default designation option set for its Campaign
    • [Other options]: If other designations are enabled for the connected Checkout, you can select the designation that should be preselected when Checkout is launched
  • Allow fundraiser to change designation: Enabling this options allows a donor to change the designation for their P2P fundraiser. By default, the option is not selected.
  • Default amount: The donation amount that will be prefilled in Checkout when it is launched.
    • Match Checkout setting: Launch Checkout using the default donation amount set for its Campaign
    • Customize: This option enables you to define a custom donation amount that will be prefilled in the donation amount input for Checkout when it is launched.
      • Allow donor to change selected donation amount: When selected, this option enables a donor to modify the donation amount input in Checkout.
  • Default goal: Presets the fundraising goal amount displayed on the P2P fundraiser onboarding screen. The amount can be modified by the supporter creating the fundraiser.
  • Allow to join teams: Enabling this feature displays the Join a team option in the P2P fundraiser onboarding screen. When the option is selected, supporters can search and join fundraisers created by other supporters.

Custom fields

When custom fields have been added to a selected campaign’s Checkout, they appear as a customization option for P2P Link. This enables you to set values that are specific to multiple components associated with the same Campaign.


These settings control how P2P Link is translated.

Default language

When Localization is enabled, a dropdown is shown in the settings for P2P Link The selected language will be used as the default translation when Fundraise Up is unable to auto-detect a donor’s language preferences.

Empowering text translations

When Localization is enabled, you can select the languages you want to translate the Empowering text textarea into. You can enable translations for any supported language.


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