Explore Plaid, a payment connector that enables Instant Direct Debit and stock giving.

Plaid is a technology platform that enables applications to connect with users’ bank accounts. With Plaid, users can securely and easily share financial information with companies, allowing them to make payments, track their spending, and more. Plaid’s services include fraud and compliance monitoring, analytics, and account linking.

Fundraise Up uses Plaid to enable Instant Direct Debit and stock giving payment methods.

Instant Direct Debit

Fundraise Up's Instant Direct Debit feature enables donors to give directly from US-based bank accounts by authenticating with their bank credentials using Plaid. Learn more →


Fundraise Up uses Plaid to enable donors to log-in to their brokerage accounts. This approach streamlines the stock donation process by allowing donors to accurately select the stocks they wish to donate. Learn more →

For organizations, a Plaid-compatible brokerage account is required to accept stock donations. Connecting a Plaid-compatible brokerage account enables Fundraise Up to automate the tracking of stocks as they are transferred from a donor’s brokerage account to your organization’s account.

Read-only access: While Fundraise Up uses Plaid to view some brokerage account details, it does not have permissions to buy, sell, or otherwise manage the assets in donor or organization brokerage accounts.

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