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Donation management


Manage all your donations

Donation details

Donor data is key to your ongoing success. We make sure you have access and control over all their valuable details.

Powerful donations export

Filter and export your donations as .XLS or CSV files. We'll even remember your choice for the next time.

Donor data integrations

Automatically sync transactions and donor data back to your database so all your data stays in one place.

Change anything

You are in control of your data. Adjust anything from recurring dates to donor information—and optimize how it works for you.

Edit recurring plans

Edit any feature of any donor's recurring plan anytime.

Explore recurring giving 

Edit donations

Fix a faulty ACH bank account number for a donor or any number of little things that might need tweaking.

Edit supporters

If we collected it, you can edit it. Donor misspell their own name? You'd be surprised!

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