Fundraise Up

Donation Repair

Minimize donation disruptions from expired payment information and other unforeseen interruptions. We'll automatically move to save the donation where we can, and notify you when we can't.

Auto-Update Expired Credit Cards

When a credit card expires, our platform will automatically switch to the updated card when it is replaced by the bank.

Smart Retries

Using machine learning, we choose the optimal time to retry a failed payment attempt increasing the chance of a successful transaction.


Get notified right away in the event a donation fails so your team can take action and re-engage your donors.

Donor Alert

Go beyond merely informing donors that their donation has failed. We continue to let donors know about failed donations until they repair or cancel them. With options to reduce their contribution or change the frequency of their donations, we work hard to keep your donors engaged.

Self-serve Donor Portal

Empower your donors to directly update their donation information. Now they can update failing payment methods or resubmit a donation on the spot.

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