Fundraise Up

Donation Repair

Expired credit cards or other unattended details won’t interrupt donations. Our automatic monitoring keeps the revenue flowing.

Auto-Update Expired Credit Cards

Thanks to Stripe's new auto-updating feature, expired credit cards will continue to work even if the physical card gets replaced by the bank.

Smart Retries

Smart Retries uses machine learning to choose optimal times to retry failed payment attempts, increasing the chance of a successful transaction.

Get Notified

When recurring donations happen or fail, you’ll know. And you can quickly decide if you need to reach out to your donor directly.

Donor Alert

We let donors know about failed donations until they repair or cancel them. With options to reduce amount or change dates, we work hard to keep your donors engaged.

Self-serve Donor Portal

Allows donors to repair their donation by updating the failed payment option and resubmit on the spot.

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