Donor covers fee

92% of donors cover the fee
Donors using Fundraise Up Checkout are willing to cover the fees 92% of the time. This means, that 9 out of 10 times you'll get all 100% of the intended donation.
We've applied donor psychology and did tons of A/B tests to find the best way to ask a donor to cover your fee.

How we do it

We've constantly researching and testing the best way to ask a donor to cover your fee and encourage them with UX techniques and cues.

Grab donor's attention
We ask donor to cover the fee in a central spot of the checkout screen.
Default cover the fee
Taking an extra step to not include the fee greatly increases fee coverage.
Processing fee
By adding processing fee to the donation amount we don't confuse donor and display clear breakdowns
Emotional cues
We acknowledge donors with fun visual effects when they include the fee.