Keep it simple

We break complex forms into simple, easy steps.

Extras that count

These “little” extras can make a “huge” difference.

Fees covered

When enabled by default, 92% of donors using Fundraise Up agree to cover transaction fees, making your effective fee rate under 1%.

Grow monthly donors

When prompted in our system, on average, over 30% of one-time donors convert to monthly donors.

Matching donations

Fundraise Up partners with Amply to fully automate company matching. This saves you a lot of time and increases your revenues up to 20% on average.

Mailing address

Asking for mailing addresses hurts conversions, which is why we do it after the donation has been completed so that you don’t miss out.


Donors have the option to dedicate their gift to a loved one and notify them by email or regular mail.

Mobile Version

Your donors are sophisticated and are used to UX standards set by Apple, Google and Facebook. Responsive design is no longer enough. Different devices need different experiences that are native to each device.

Get the word out

You can embed your Fundraise Up direct URL on social media, in your email tags, anywhere you like. Your donors will immediately be directed to your site, and your campaign will popup automatically.

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Checkout customization

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