Made by donors for donors

Our donation widget was crafted with love here in Brooklyn.

3-tap donation

We break complex forms into simple, easy steps.

AI-suggested amounts

You know how it goes. Ask for too little – and miss out on the money you could have raised. Ask for too much – and some donors will feel their donation won’t matter. We give you the option to use artificial intelligence to suggest the maximum amount comfortable specific to each donor.

Desktop, tablet and mobile

Your donors are sophisticated and are used to UX standards set by Apple, Google and Facebook. Responsive design is no longer enough. Different devices need different experiences that are native to that device. We provide that.

Supercharge your message

Don't let your donor experience 'emotional disconnect.' Tell your branded story on the spot. Keep the emotional connection going.

Multiple payment options

Make it super convenient for your donors to give. By offering them a way to choose their favorite trusted payment option, you increase your revenue.
Apple Pay
Apple Pay
Apple Pay
Google Pay
Apple Pay
Credit Cards
Apple Pay
ACH (Banks)
Apple Pay

Get your fees covered

If enabled by default, over 90% of the donors using Fundraise Up agree to cover the fees making your effective fee rate under 1%.

Grow monthly donors

Over time, your monthly donors are likely to bring you more revenue than one-time donors. We help you convert some of your one-time donors to monthly ones.

Matching donations

Fundraise Up partners with Amply to fully automate company matching. This saves you a lot of time and on average increases your revenues 2-5%.

Mailing address

We found an optimal way for you to collect the mailing address without lowering your conversion rates. Accept the donation, then optionally ask your donor for the mailing address.


Donors have the option to dedicate their gift to a loved one, and notify them by email or regular mail.

Safe & Secure

With Level 1 PCI compliance and SSL security, we maintain tight security so you don’t have to worry.
Powered by Stripe
Fundraise Up partners with Stripe, the payment provider trusted by some of the world’s largest companies.
Credit card information never touches Fundraise Up servers. Fundraise Up sends all card data directly to Stripe’s PCI-complaint servers.

Own your data

Export your data, sync with Salesforce or integrate with our API for real time syncing with your donor CRM.

Custom Thank You emails

You can customize your Thank You emails that donors receive after each donation.

IRS compliant tax receipt

Email donation receipts to your donors automatically. If you are a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, the donors can use Fundraise Up receipts for tax purposes.

Recurring repairing

Credit cards expire, bank accounts move. We repair recurring transactions with a branded donor portal.

Team functionality

You can have multiple people on your team have access to the Fundraise Up admin dashboard.

Conversion tracking

A/B test different campaigns and widget settings, and track conversion rates. Knowledge is power.
Don’t lose revenues to onerous online donation forms. Supercharge your relationship with your donors and raise more.