Fundraise Up

Security & Compliance

Enterprise-Level Insurance

Feeling safe is important. All nonprofits orgs are covered by our complete $5,000,000 insurance policy, including cyber-attack protection.

Accessibility Compliant

Many nonprofits serve those with disabilities or accessibility needs - your donation forms should also serve them. The Fundraise Up checkout experience is certified WCAG 2.1 AA. We design and test our checkout process to be accessible for those with visibility or mobility difficulties. The checkout can be navigated end-to-end using mouse, keyboard, screen readers or voice.

Tokenized Payment

Donor credit card and bank account information are stored with the payment processors. We do not store any of this information within our system. During the transaction, we pass payment data directly to the payment providers and receive a token with which we can later check transaction status or make any necessary modifications.


We adhere to all standard industry best practices, including being PCI-compliant, which ensures cardholder data is secure and credit card fraud is reduced.


We support your needs to track and manage the GDPR requirements for donor data and communication preferences.

256-bit Encryption

Fundraise Up's website and APIs are accessible via a 256-bit enterprise-grade SSL certificate. Credit card information is never stored within our system after transaction authorization.

Data Security

We don't sell your data. We don’t share your data. We only manage it—and you are always in control.

Secure Backups

We use enterprise-grade backup solutions with double redundancy over Amazon and Google servers.

Infinitely Scalable

Your donation infrastructure grows in line with your business. We are capable of handling millions of transactions for you.

Global Infrastructure

We make sure every donation operation happens. Fundraise Up cloud-based infrastructure runs on Amazon servers.

SLA Compliance

Your uptime is our priority. If anything goes wrong, we immediately investigate, solve and provide post-mortems.

We Add to Your Team

We are dedicated 24/7 to helping you with integration and best practices. Together, we can build a world-class donation system customized just for you.

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