Annual Summary Receipt FAQs

As of November 30th 2023, your organization is able to generate annual summary receipts for recurring plans showing all the installments in that plan that fell within the tax year. Learn more about receipts in our documentation.

Which donations can I create an annual summary for?

Annual summary receipts can only be generated for recurring donations for which a receipt has not been issued previously by Fundraise Up.

Installments for which any receipt has already been generated cannot be included in an annual summary receipt.

Each annual summary receipt corresponds to one recurring donation plan. One annual summary receipt cannot cover installments of multiple recurring plans.

Why can’t I cancel receipts that were previously generated for plan installments, so that I can generate an annual summary receipt?

Because these previous receipts have already been issued with their unique receipt numbers. If they are included in another receipt with a different receipt number then they could, in some countries, be used illegally to claim tax relief twice.

Why are annual receipts created for each recurring plan, and not for each supporter?

Because one supporter could have multiple recurring plans in different currencies. The annual summary receipt shows the original currency the donations were made in. If multiple currencies were included in an annual summary receipt, it would not be possible to calculate an accurate total amount.

What about donations created just before the end of the tax year?

These will be included in the annual summary receipt for that tax year, once they have processed successfully.

This is because the annual summary receipt includes all installments of the recurring plan that were created in the selected tax year, provided they eventually process successfully.

For this reason, we strongly recommend generating annual summary receipts no earlier than 2 weeks after the tax year ends. Some payment methods can take up to 2 weeks to process, so leaving extra time after the end of the tax year ensures all installments, including those made in the last days of the tax year, have time to process and are included in annual receipts.

We recommend waiting at least 2 weeks after the end of the tax year to generate annual summary receipts for the previous year.

What about refunded donations?

Donations from during the tax year that were then refunded will not be included in an annual summary receipt.

How are annual summary receipts generated? 

Annual summary receipts are generated by your organization from the Fundraise Up Dashboard, in the Receipt section of your organization’s main settings. Click the Generate annual receipts button to begin. You can choose the tax year that applies to your organization.

What do I need to do if I want to generate annual summary receipts later on?

You must make sure the generation of individual installment receipts is turned off. To do this, go to the Receipt section of your main Dashboard settings and select Do not generate receipts under Recurring donations. As mentioned above, only one receipt can be issued per installment, so you won’t be able to generate an ASR later on if individual installment receipts were being generated throughout the tax year.

Make sure to disable installment receipts in your Receipt settings if you plan to generate annual summary receipts at a later date.

What if individual receipts were only generated for part of the installments in a recurring plan?

The annual summary receipt will include the other installments — those for which a receipt hasn’t yet been issued. The installments for which a receipt has already been generated will not be included.

What happens if receipts for every installment have already been generated but I try to generate annual summary receipts too?

The system will notify you that annual summary receipts cannot be generated as there are no non-receipted installments that can be included.

What happens if annual summary receipts for the calculated period have already been generated? 

The system will notify you that receipts cannot be generated again for this period, as they’ve already been successfully generated.

What happens if there are no installments suitable for annual summary receipts? 

The system will notify you that receipts cannot be generated because there are no valid donation installments to include.

Under what circumstances is an annual summary receipt reissued?

The last-generated annual summary receipt is reissued automatically if a donation included in the receipt has been refunded or if the donor's personal information (such as their name, mailing address or the name of the organization on behalf of which the donations were made) has changed since the receipt was generated.

How can I access annual summary receipts? 

Organizations can access annual summary receipts in the Fundraise Up Dashboard. You can download annual summary receipts from any of the following locations:

  • Supporter > [Supporter name] > Receipts
  • Recurring > [Recurring plan] > Receipts

Will donors have access to their annual summary receipts? 

Yes, donors can access all the receipts you generate through Fundraise Up in their Donor Portal. They can be viewed and downloaded from the Receipts section.

What format are the annual summary receipts generated in?

All our receipts, including annual summary receipts, are generated in PDF format.

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