Cancelling recurring plans

From the Dashboard

Similarly, to cancel a Recurring plan, you need to be on its page in the Fundraise Up dashboard. There are plenty of ways to get there - the easiest is the global search bar, but you can also find it via the filters on the Recurring tab, in the corresponding Supporter record, and on each installment's Donation record.

Once on the page of the Recurring plan you'd like to cancel, you can click the Cancel Recurring button in the top right to cancel any future installments of the plan!

From the Donor Portal

Your recurring donors receive an initial receipt and installment receipts for every payment; at the bottom of that email, there's a button that'll take them to their Donor Portal showing the details of that Recurring plan.

Your Donor Portal's cancellation behavior is configurable, but whether you've enabled donors to cancel their own plans or have them submit a cancellation form, they can start that process by clicking the Cancel Donation button at the bottom of their Donor Portal.

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The recurring plan in a Failed status cannot be canceled. This is because we aim to maintain accurate and comprehensive statistics about recurring plan statuses. However, a failed plan behaves the same

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