Send conversion events from Fundraise Up to Choozle

Choozle is a digital advertising platform that helps businesses drive customer engagement and conversions. Using Fundraise Up’s JavaScript API, you can send conversion events to Choozle.


  1. The Choozle Smart Container code Tag is included in your Choozle signup email. Should you need to access it at a later date, that can be done by selecting the globe widget in the sub-categories bar of the Audiences tool.

  2. The Smart Container Tag can then be collected by selecting the blue Smart Container Tag button in the top right corner.

  3. Copy and paste the Smart Container Tag inside the tag and above the header of the root URL's of your website or install it through GTM as Custom HTML.

Choozle Dynamic Passback Tags

A dynamic passback tag is an image pixel associated with a conversion event that gives you the ability to pass back site-specific parameters into your Choozle reporting.

To begin, the Choozle team will generate an image pixel associated with the conversion event in the platform. A standard image pixel will look like this:

<img height="1" width="1" style="border-style:none;" alt="" src="//"/>

Donation Completed

The Fundraise Up "donationComplete" event can be mapped to Choozle  reporting assuming you are defining conversion as completed donation. Note that you may pass  additional  custom variables to Choozle including donor's personal information, designation, etc. By default, dynamic passback tags include revenue, currency, and order ID, but also allows you to add up to 10 additional custom parameters.  Add this code  to your GTM global site template.

2  FundraiseUp.on('donationComplete', function(details) {
3    var basePath = '//';
4    var v = details.donation.amount;
5    var vf = details.donation.currency;
6    var orderid =;
7    var td2 =;
8    var td3 = details.donation.recurring ? 'Monthly' : 'Onetime';
9    var imgSrc = basePath + '&v=' + v + '&vf=' + vf + '&orderid=' + orderid + '&td1=FundraiseUp&td2=' + td2 + '&td3=' + td3;
11    var img = document.createElement('img');
12    img.height = img.width = 1;
13 = 'border-style:none';
14    img.alt = '';
15    img.src = imgSrc;
16    document.body.append(img);
17  });

Reporting on Dynamically Passed Conversion Data

Please reach out to your strategist or Choozle’s support team to set up an automated Conversion Details Report, as this is the only report that will contain these custom passback parameters such as donation type ( recurring or one time ) or breakdowns by campaign name

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