Can I redirect the donor to a custom thank you page?

When editing a Campaign, if you click into the Checkout tab, you'll find Thank You Screen as an option in the left-hand menu.

From there, you can edit the Thank You behavior - specifically, whether we should show the in-checkout Thank You Screen experience, or whether we should redirect the donor to a URL of your choosing!

What is available for your custom thank you page?

When we redirect a donor to your provided thank you page, we add following parameters to the landing address so these can be picked up by the destination as needed and possible:

  • donationId — unique donation id
  • amount — donation amount in XX.XX format. E.g. "10.20", "10.00"
  • currency — currency code. E.g. "USD", "EUR"
  • monthly — "true" / "false"
  • supporterFirstName and supporterLastName — first and last name of the donor
  • supporterEmail — supporter email
  • designationId — designation ID if designation was selected
  • designationName — designation name if designation was selected

Your final thank you page URL will look like this:

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