Change the payment method for a recurring donation

How can the donor change the payment method for their recurring plan?

The donor can edit their recurring plan details from their Donor Portal, available via links on their recurring receipt emails and elsewhere.

If the donor wishes to change the payment method and details on file for a recurring plan, they can do so from their Donor Portal.

If the donor clicked to Donor Portal from one of their recurring receipt emails, they will be taken directly to their recurring's page in Donor Portal, where they can edit many details of their plan including method, details, amount, next date, and more by clicking the Edit Payment Details button.

If the donor got to the home page of Donor Portal, the donor should locate the Recurring Donations section and click on the recurring plan they would like to change.

For more information on how donors can access Donor Portal, as well as how you can configure it,  please read our Setting up your Donor Portal help article.

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