Troubleshooting error messages

An error occurred. Try to repeat in a minute

If you are trying to save changes to content in our Fundraise Up dashboard, and you receive the message “Try to repeat in a minute”, please try clearing out your browser cache as your browser may still be storing outdated settings which can’t be saved.

Can't connect to sftp with given credentials: connect->getConnection: Timed out while waiting for handshake

If your SFTP server is behind a firewall, then please check if you need to create/update a pre-approval list for the following IP addresses as your SFTP may be blocking our IP address.

Our SFTP export will be from one of the following IP addresses:


This Connect account cannot currently make live charges

Please review your Stripe account, as you may need to verify some details for Stripe to reinstate your account to continue accepting transactions.

Something went wrong. Please contact support

This is done in cases where the error is very likely to be unintelligible without assistance, or where remedying it will require advanced troubleshooting.

403 (forbidden) error

This error is typically encountered when attempting to verify an Apple merchant ID file. Commonly, the error occurs because the merchant ID file is located in a directory that is not publicly accessible on the Internet. To correct the issue, configure the settings of the directory where the merchant ID file is stored to allow read permissions.

429 too many requests

If you receive a Too Many Requests message like the following when accessing there may have been too many requests made to that domain from a single IP address.

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