Why can’t I delete specific designation from the designations list?

Designations are a valuable tool for categorizing donations and providing greater clarity to donors about how their contributions will be used. They are not enabled by default in Checkout, but you can easily enable them in the Campaign Checkout settings.

From your Designation settings, you can search for existing designations, create new ones, and delete those that are no longer needed. However, it is important to note that once a designation has been associated with a donation, it can no longer be deleted. This is because the information about the designation and the donation is saved across our system, and removing it could affect the accuracy of our data.

If you need to delete a designation, please make sure it has not been associated with any donations and is not present in any campaign's designations list. Even if the "Enable gift designations" option is unmarked in your campaign settings, the designations list is still saved in the system to allow for easy enabling and disabling in the future. If the option is unmarked, enable it first to check if there are any designations present that you would like to delete.

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