Payment methods’ availability at checkout

We offer a wide array of payment methods, enabling donors to select their preferred method for making contributions. This provides donors with convenience and enhances organizational flexibility and fundraising opportunities. However, it's important to note that despite having all payment methods activated in your Dashboard, they might not all be available at checkout simultaneously due to certain limitations and additional requirements. We've detailed these restrictions for various payment methods below to help you better understand the prerequisites for these payment methods to appear at checkout.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is not accessible from Android smartphones. According to our documentation, several requirements need to be met, the main one is having Apple Wallet enabled on the supporter's iPhone.

Bacs Direct Debit

Bacs Direct Debit is only available for recurring donations and requires the donor's mailing address. It will only show up in checkout or Virtual Terminal if the selected campaign requires a mailing address during checkout.


It's important to note that PayPal is not available for recurring donations until additional actions are taken. To enable PayPal for recurring donations, please follow the instructions in our article.


Venmo has a couple of limitations too. Firstly, it is not available for recurring donations (please see our article about it). Secondly, on mobile devices, Venmo is available only through Safari on iOS or Chrome on Android.

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