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Does Fundraise Up support cryptocurrency donations?


Can I use another payment processor besides Stripe and PayPal?

Fundraise Up doesn’t support any other payment processors at this time besides Stripe and PayPal, and at this time, Stripe is required to be the payment processor used when donors click the Credit Card, e-wallet, and bank transfer buttons in Checkout or when you enter that information in Virtual Terminal.

This is because Stripe offers lower rates for non-profits, does not require a contract, and has additional functionality like Apple Pay, Google Pay and Instant ACH.

For more information please check our article Reviewing our Payment Processor Recommendations.

Can credit card payments be disabled?

For any campaign which accepts standard currencies (also known as fiat currency; think US dollar, Euro, GBP), credit card payments will always be available in public checkout and Virtual Terminal.

For scenarios where you want to control the payment method used, it's likely better to provide assistance to donors, either by taking donations for them via Virtual Terminal, having a person present while they are donating using public checkout, or providing instructions/recommendations in the Ask pane of that campaign.

Additionally, stay tuned! Upon the arrival of cryptocurrency, it'll likely be possible to control which of the three you would like to accept per-campaign. As such, while it's not possible to not accept credit cards when accepting standard currency, the option to not accept standard currency at all on a campaign may become possible.

For information on all Payment Options please visit Reviewing our Payment Processor Recommendations.

Why doesn't Fundraise Up offer UGX as a currency?

We understand that this is confusing due to Stripe offering support for UGX on their website.

The Ugandan Shilling (UGX) is now effectively a zero-decimal currency.

However, it was previously a decimal currency in Stripe, and in order to keep backward compatibility, the amount passed to Stripe must be in amounts with two decimals that is evenly divisible by 100. We don't send any amount data to stripe as decimals, so we can't support this backward-compatible approach.

Until Stripe changes this to support this currency without having to enter additional numbers, Fundraise Up cannot support the Ugandan Shilling in checkout.

How long does it take for credit or debit card transactions to clear?

While credit card donations in Fundraise Up tend to succeed immediately, the amount of time that it takes for the funds transferred to be available in your payment processor account varies.

Usually, we estimate most successful donations will clear within 3-5 business days.

Is auto-updating of card expiration dates GDPR compliant?

Our partners at Stripe are confident that the auto card updating features does not violate GDPR. Cardholders authorize/direct their issuing backs to provide updated card numbers to the networks and major acquirers to avoid declines on recurring and other stored credential charges. Most issuers require cardholders to consent to card account updater participation as a condition of accepting and using the issuer's card.

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