Can I add an end date to a recurring plan?

Can I add an end date to a recurring plan?

The answer depends on your role in the fundraising process – whether you are an admin of a non-profit organization or a donor.

Admin users can add an end date to a recurring plan. This can be done by setting a maximum amount for recurring donation, a maximum number of installments, or simply specifying an end date. To do this, go to the record of the recurring donation in the Dashboard and open the "Edit payment details" section of its settings.

Admin users can also set these endpoints for a recurring plan when creating it through the Virtual Terminal.

Donors, when managing their recurring plans through the Donor Portal, can change the donation amount, payment method, and the date of ongoing payments, skip one or several installments, or cancel the recurring plan. If a donor wishes to add an end date to their recurring donation, it is recommended that they reach out to the organization they are donating to.

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