Required Permissions for Salesforce and Salesforce NPSP Integrations

This guide provides the minimum permissions required to connect and use Salesforce and Salesforce NPSP integration.


Accessing Profile Settings

In Salesforce, go to Setup and use the Quick Find box to search for "Profiles". Configure permissions for the profile. This profile can be assigned to specific users later.

Custom App Settings

  • Everything can be set to non-visible.
  • The Default can be any of the options.

Tab Settings

Everything can be set to "Default Off".

Administrative Permissions

  • API Enabled: Necessary as the integration uses the API in multiple areas.
  • Customize Application: Required for connecting the integration and creating custom objects.
  • Manage Profiles and Permission Sets: Essential for setting up the integration, including automatic profile permissions adjustments for new custom objects.
  • Modify Metadata Through Metadata API Functions: Needed for connecting the integration.

General User Permissions

  • Convert Leads: Required for the synchronization process.
  • Edit Tasks: Required for the synchronization process.

Standard Object Permissions

For Accounts, Campaigns, Contacts, Opportunities, and Leads, the following permissions are required:

  • Read: Necessary for mapping configurations.
  • Create: Required for the synchronization process.
  • Edit: Necessary for mapping configurations.
  • Delete (only for Opportunities): Required for deleting pledge opportunities.

Custom Object Permissions

Ensure the following permissions are set for the "Recurring Plans" custom object, as they are essential for the sync process:

  • Read
  • Create
  • Edit

Salesforce NPSP Specific Permissions

In addition to the permissions outlined above, Salesforce NPSP integration requires permissions for the "Recurring Donations" custom object. These are all required for the connect and sync processes:

  • Read
  • Create
  • Edit

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