Understanding the behavior of multiple Sticky Button elements

Sticky Button elements are a powerful feature in Fundraise Up that allows you to keep a donation button fixed on the screen as users scroll through your website.

The Rule of Priority

When two or more Sticky Button elements are enabled on the same page and are set to display at the same location, Fundraise Up uses a simple rule to determine which one to display: The Sticky Button Element that was created earlier will be the one that shows up.

Enabling Multiple Sticky Buttons at Different Locations

You can enable multiple Sticky Button Elements at the same time on the same page, provided they are set to display at different locations on the page in the settings. This allows you to have various calls-to-action without them conflicting with each other.

How to Check Creation Dates

To find out which Sticky Button Element was created first, you can:

  1. Go to your Fundraise Up dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the 'Elements' section.
  3. Filter the Sticky Button type.
  4. The list will already be ordered by creation date, with the oldest element at the bottom.

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