Platform basics
Are the Donor Map markers exact? Donor Map markers are local to the municipality where the donor gave, and are not ever exact to provided addresses. Given the fact that Donor Map elements have the ability
Canada Compatibility and Fundraise Up Fundraise Up works with many Canadian nonprofits, and one of the first questions always is: Is Fundraise Up CRA compliant?  The answer is yes, and we're happy to go
Do I have to be a 501(c)(3) to use Fundraise Up? Ideally, yes. But we can work with some other cases also. All default language in the platform and donor experience refers to donations and often them being
How can I make test ACH donations on Fundraise Up? Making test donations using Stripe's Test ACH numbers can give you a better perspective of what the donor experience is like for those who would rather
Why aren't cents or decimals on by default? Fundraise Up brings the best of ecommerce strategies to the donation experience, and in most cases aside from number-specific pitches, whole number amounts perform
How does Fundraise Up handle anonymous donations? You can allow anonymous donations or not on a per-campaign basis. Donations where the donor chose to be anonymous are clearly marked and that choice is
We’re always looking to make your Fundraise Up experience better and better. For more info, see the following links! Learning about the latest feature updates - Our Changelog covers updates and feature
You absolutely can! If you operate multiple websites or have partners who'd like to embed your donation forms inline in their websites, all that needs to be added is the following. The installation code,
Fundraise Up never holds your funds. All donations are sent immediately to Stripe and PayPal (depending on which payment option your donor chooses). You can control the frequency and settings of payouts
In order to return the most deliverable addresses as per postal office guidance, verified addresses are returned in ALL CAPS, even if they were entered in Proper Case. If you have an organizational need

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