Platform basics
WordPress is a powerful and versatile open-source content management system (CMS) that is used to create websites and blogs. With a few quick steps, you can add Fundraise Up to your WordPress website.
Donors can access the Donor Portal by entering their email on the Donor Portal page or clicking the button in Fundraise Up's emails. To find your Donor Portal URL, log into your Fundraise Up dashboard
When UTM parameters are added to URLs that launch a Checkout modal or a Campaign Page, those parameters are captured and stored in the “UTM Parameters” section of the resulting donation record. Fundraise
Wix is a cloud-based web development platform that enables users to create stunning websites without needing any coding knowledge. Below, we guide you through adding the Fundraise Up installation code
Currently, we're only processing online donations. We do not have the option to record checks and cash gifts, but you can add such donations manually in your CRM. At Fundraise Up, we are concentrated on
Please be informed that starting October 11, 2023, we have updated our Stripe integration. For new accounts, only the Donation ID will be sent as metadata to Stripe. If you need to create a report that
Only Organization Administrator users will see all settings options. Additionally, some subaccounts may be set to use their parent account's payment options and receipting. When determining why you cannot
Supporters can update their payment methods, as well as other details of their recurring plan in the Donor Portal. If an installment ever fails, they can also be automatically sent the Installment failed
If the PayPal option isn't available in your checkout for recurring donations, there's a simple explanation: PayPal doesn't allow subscription payments by default. PayPal cannot be used for recurring giving
If you've noticed that the payout amount for a donation is sometimes larger than the difference between the donation amount and covered fees, you may be wondering why this is happening. It's important

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