Platform basics
Fundraise Up uses cloud-based technologies. This means that the data reside in different places simultaneously. This is the core benefit of cloud computing, as it creates a more elastic, robust, and dependable
Donors may prefer not to receive emails for every recurring donation installment. Our platform allows customization of email notification settings to accommodate different donor preferences at various
Stripe dispute, also known as a chargeback, inquiry, or retrieval, happens when a cardholder questions a payment through their card issuer. An inquiry or retrieval may simply request more information about
When you update a donor's email address in your Organization's dashboard, it automatically updates in the Donor Portal too. The donor retains access to their Donor Portal using the new email address, and
Test transactions are still transactions that involve creating test records within a payment processor, and as such cannot be deleted from the Dashboard. Although we do offer the ability to make test donations
Fundraise Up account default option uses machine learning to determine when to set a recurring plan's status to Failed after charge attempts have been made, helping organizations to avoid unnecessary charges
We understand that sometimes you may need to reissue a receipt for a donation, whether when there is a mistake in the donor's name or when you need to change the campaign for the receipt and want the new
At Fundraise Up, we don't offer text-to-give services directly, but we work well with platforms that do. Many of our organizations ask us if we offer give-by-text, SMS-sending services, or other things
If the PayPal option isn't available in your checkout for recurring donations, there's a simple explanation: PayPal doesn't allow subscription payments by default. PayPal cannot be used for recurring giving
Weebly is an easy-to-use website building platform designed to help users quickly create and publish professional-looking websites with minimal effort. Follow the steps below to add the Fundraise Up installation

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