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It is sometimes a concern that Fundraise Up on-page checkout may slow your website down, when compared to sending a donor off to a different page for donations. We take every step to mitigate this, and
Fundraise Up provides a lot of data when recording donation information. This can include everything from payment type to tribute information, and everything in between While we do not permit the use for
While we are sad to see you go, we understand that we may not be the best fit for some nonprofit organizations. Please see our checklist below to make sure you stop your Fundraise Up service completely.
Does Fundraise Up work within in-app browsers? Many social media apps, like Facebook, take you to their in-app browser experience when you click a link in the app. Fundraise Up works with these, but there
How can I edit custom Questions asked during Checkout or P2P setup? The questions interface for your campaigns and elements offer options for your questions, but does not offer edit functions for existing
Is donor coverage of fees tax deductible? Yes – when a donor checks the box to Cover Fees, our software simply increases their gift amount by an amount commensurate to the platform and processor fees we
What does the "Something went wrong" sync error mean? There was an issue that didn't allow the synchronization of our data to complete over to your CRM. Please reach out to support to gather more information
Can I set an offline amount to be reflected in goal meter elements? You can either enter an offline amount for each campaign, or you can fill an Add Amount value on Goal Meter or Stat Counter elements
How can I add someone to my Fundraise Up team? Login to your Fundraise Up account, click on your organization's name, click Settings, click Team, and hit the Invite User button. To add a member of your
Where can I change my email notification settings? Fundraise Up offers the ability to notify you via email when certain events occur. To see the options available for your notification settings, please

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