Platform basics
Why aren't cents or decimals on by default? Fundraise Up brings the best of ecommerce strategies to the donation experience, and in most cases aside from number-specific pitches, whole number amounts perform
Why was my email address rejected? Donors must provide a valid email address when donating via your Fundraise Up donation checkout. These are validated by ZeroBounce in order to ensure high deliverability
How will donations appear on my donors' bank statements? Donations via Fundraise Up will appear on your donor's bank statements using the descriptor you set up in your payment processor. Stripe Stripe
How can I edit custom Questions asked during Checkout or P2P setup? The questions interface for your campaigns and elements offer options for your questions, but does not offer edit functions for existing
Is donor coverage of fees tax deductible? Yes – when a donor checks the box to Cover Fees, our software simply increases their gift amount by an amount commensurate to the platform and processor fees we
Where can I change my email notification settings? Fundraise Up offers the ability to notify you via email when certain events occur. To see the options available for your notification settings, please
Fundraise Up never holds your funds. All donations are sent immediately to Stripe and PayPal (depending on which payment option your donor chooses). You can control the frequency and settings of payouts
We’re making some changes to our cookies on October 2nd, 2023, and you might need to update your site’s cookie banner before that date. Who do these changes apply to? Before you read any further, check
Absolutely! For 501(c)(3) organizations, changing your Tax ID is possible too. However, it requires us to update certain information on our end. This includes the Tax ID itself, and we'll need to upload
When incorporating text into our Elements, such as an Image Card, we adhere to conventional hyphenation rules. These rules are typically applied based on the size of your text and the specific words used.

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