Platform basics
Donors can access donor portal either by entering their email on your Donor Portal URL, or by clicking on the buttons included in each email sent out by Fundraise Up to the donor. To locate your Donor
Fundraise Up is not a payment processor. We partner with Stripe, which is PCI Compliant, to process credit card transactions, and other processors like PayPal and Gemini for specific types of transactions.
If you've been testing a donation form and are seeing a reminder that keeps popping up, deleting the website's cookies will remove the reminder. Here's how to do it in different browsers: Google Chrome:
If you've recently connected an integration between our platform and your CRM, you may have noticed that the integration is paused by default. This is because the automatic synchronization feature is turned
Fundraise Up's platform supports cryptocurrency and stock donations, allowing donors to give in a way that's convenient and secure. Fundraise Up charges a 5% fee for processing crypto and stock donations.
Joomla is an open-source content management system (CMS) written in PHP. Here’s how to add the Fundraise Up installation code to your Joomla website. You will need to embed your Fundraise Up installation
Donors may prefer not to receive emails for every recurring donation installment. Our platform allows customization of email notification settings to accommodate different donor preferences at various
To view your test donations and recurring plans in Fundraise Up, please set your account to view test data so you may find and cancel recurring plans. Any transactions created in test mode are only visible
Every user of the Fundraise Up account has access with their email address and permissions in accordance with their role in the account. Also, each user can change their notification settings and cancel
If you're trying to create a new P2P (peer-to-peer) fundraiser in our platform's dashboard, it's important to select the campaign that the fundraiser will be associated with. If you're unable to find the

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