Platform basics
The Questions feature is a useful tool for obtaining information from donors during Checkout, Fundraisers, and Virtual Terminal. You can manage and create questions from the Settings section of your Fundraise
Your Fundraise Up account comes pre-set with a default currency (USD) and country (USA). Need a change? We've got you covered! However, this can't be done through your Dashboard. You'll need our support
Want to guide your donors using Donate Form element straight to the checkout payment screen, skipping the initial ask page? Yes, it's possible with a few tweaks in your campaign settings. To direct donors
If a recurring plan has a "Scheduled" status due to being skipped by the donor or via the Dashboard, there isn't a direct way to unskip it. However, you can use the following workaround to reactivate the
Firstly, it's important to note that Fundraise Up does not process donations directly. We rely on trusted third-party payment processors like Stripe to handle payment transactions for our platform. When
Only supporters with recurring plans using Mastercard-branded payment methods are eligible to receive email notifications reminding them of their upcoming charge, which will be sent seven days in advance.
No, existing recurring donations are not directly linked to your website, ensuring that there will be no issues whatsoever.
Some methods of bank transfer donations cannot or are not authenticated by login, but still require authentication. In these cases, micro-deposits are made into the donor's bank account, and they confirm
Fundraise Up currently doesn't offer a physical card reader at this time, but in-person donations can be quickly taken via Virtual Terminal. We may consider adding card reader and tap payment support to
No, there is no obligation to continue to use Fundraise Up. No contracts, no minimums. We don't like to be locked into software contracts, so we don't do that to you. We don't want you to be unhappy in

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