Platform basics
Fundraise Up sends emails to donors to confirm their donations and keep them updated on important information related to their contribution. But where can you find these emails, and how can you view them?
When editing a Campaign, if you click into the Checkout tab, you'll find Thank You Screen as an option in the left-hand menu. From there, you can edit the Thank You behavior - specifically, whether we
You can change the donor’s email address in our Dashboard, for example if a donor has entered the address with mistake during Checkout process. The donor’s email address is the unique identifier used
Conversion tracking enables you to measure your return on ad spend by tracking the actions people take after viewing or engaging with your ads on Twitter. Once conversion tracking is set up, you'll also
Yes, there is a setting to no longer make CVC required when processing a Virtual Terminal Donation. You now have the option of making the CVC field optional for credit/debit card donations made through
How can I start a recurring plan on a future date? Creating a recurring plan with a future start date can only be done with Virtual Terminal. Given that recurring plans with future start dates can only
Why was my email address rejected? Donors must provide a valid email address when donating via your Fundraise Up donation checkout. These are validated by ZeroBounce in order to ensure high deliverability
Adding Fundraise Up to Your Privacy Policy While not required, you may want to mention or include Fundraise Up in your privacy policy. Most organizations maintain a privacy policy on their respective websites
We’re always looking to make your Fundraise Up experience better and better. For more info, see the following links! Learning about the latest feature updates - Our Changelog covers updates and feature
Fundraise Up never holds your funds. All donations are sent immediately to Stripe and PayPal (depending on which payment option your donor chooses). You can control the frequency and settings of payouts

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