Platform basics
If an installment from a recurring plan is disputed in favor of the donor and the amount of the installment is returned to them, the entire recurring plan is canceled. It's important to note that dispute
Every user of the Fundraise Up account has access with their email address and permissions in accordance with their role in the account. Also, each user can change their notification settings and cancel
If you're using an integration between Fundraise Up and your CRM to sync your donor and donation data, you may be wondering if it's possible to exclude specific donations from being synced. When you connect
Unfortunately, there is no option for donors to change their email address themselves in such cases. However, organizations can edit a donor's email address from the Dashboard. To update the donor's email
The time zone shown in your Fundraise Up dashboard is the one set in the Account section of your account settings. It's important to set the correct time zone for your organization to ensure that all the
Migrated recurring donations from another platform to Fundraise Up will have the same characteristics as those created directly through our system checkout. Organizations will have the same options to
If you've been testing a donation form and are seeing a reminder that keeps popping up, deleting the website's cookies will remove the reminder. Here's how to do it in different browsers: Google Chrome:
If you are an Organization Administrator user and you're getting an error message that your role doesn't have enough permissions for some actions, there may be a following reason why this is happening.
If you've recently connected an integration between our platform and your CRM, you may have noticed that the integration is paused by default. This is because the automatic synchronization feature is turned
The Fundraise Up platform enables supporters to donate using cryptocurrency conveniently and securely, charging a 5% fee for processing crypto donations. This fee is not added to the donation amount but

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