Platform basics
Some methods of bank transfer donations cannot or are not authenticated by login, but still require authentication. In these cases, micro-deposits are made into the donor's bank account, and they confirm
The Recurring tab will show recurring plans as a whole. The Donations tab, if filtered to recurring, will show every donation installment processed for all plans within a time frame. As a result, you should
To update your organization's legal information, including your registered address, navigate to the Account settings page under your general settings. Scroll to the Legal section of the page and here
You can edit or add account codes on accounts from the Account page of Settings, or by going to the Subaccounts page and editing it for subaccounts of the current account. Account code is a field that
If you disable a payment method in your account settings, active recurring donation plans will still be charged as per the payment schedule — there's no need to worry. The situation is almost the same
When you update a donor's email address in your Organization's dashboard, it automatically updates in the Donor Portal too. The donor retains access to their Donor Portal using the new email address, and
Fundraise Up has not been designed to work with Google Translate. Using Google Translate will have unexpected results, and should be unnecessary thanks to our built-in localization tools, which cover more
Test transactions are still transactions that involve creating test records within a payment processor, and as such cannot be deleted from the Dashboard. Although we do offer the ability to make test donations
Only Organization Administrator users will see all settings options. Additionally, some subaccounts may be set to use their parent account's payment options and receipting. When determining why you cannot
You can still direct people to your Fundraise Up account checkout when your main website is down, but you will need to set up an alternative website/webpage/landing page to host your installation code

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