Can I change colors used in checkout? No. Can I add video to my donation checkout? No.
Yes, there is a setting to no longer make CVC required when processing a Virtual Terminal Donation. You now have the option of making the CVC field optional for credit/debit card donations made through
No, it is not possible to change the typeface used for Checkout or Elements. IBM Plex Sans is standardized for Checkout and Elements to enhance the donor experience and ensure an accessible web experience
How does Fundraise Up handle anonymous donations? You can allow anonymous donations or not on a per-campaign basis. Donations where the donor chose to be anonymous are clearly marked and that choice is
How can I start a recurring plan on a future date? Creating a recurring plan with a future start date can only be done with Virtual Terminal. Given that recurring plans with future start dates can only
How can I edit custom Questions asked during Checkout or P2P setup? The questions interface for your campaigns and elements offer options for your questions, but does not offer edit functions for existing
Can I make daily recurring plans with Fundraise Up? While public donation checkout only supports one-time and monthly frequencies, you can make recurring plans with a range of frequencies using Virtual
This can be accomplished by using elements and campaign settings, as well as URL API. The elements and campaign method: Make sure your campaign has Recurring giving set to Only one timeCreate a Simple
No. Our system will detect what device your donor is using and automatically serve up the appropriate experience for that device. You do not need to do anything.
The blue color of UI elements in Checkout is optimized for accessibility and conversion, and is not editable at this time. Our internal teams have done a substantial amount of research/testing and concluded

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