Fundraise Up provides an intuitive fundraising platform for organizations, ensuring a seamless experience for donors. However, specific website configurations, like the reservation of the form query parameter,
The Questions feature is a useful tool for obtaining information from donors during Checkout, Fundraisers, and Virtual Terminal. You can manage and create questions from the Settings section of your Fundraise
Designations are a valuable tool for categorizing donations and providing greater clarity to donors about how their contributions will be used. They are not enabled by default in Checkout, but you can
No, it is not possible to change the typeface used for Checkout or Elements. IBM Plex Sans is standardized for Checkout and Elements to enhance the donor experience and ensure an accessible web experience
Fundraise Up has not been designed to work with Google Translate. Using Google Translate will have unexpected results, and should be unnecessary thanks to our built-in localization tools, which cover more
Fundraise Up's Questions checkout feature is designed to help charities collect important information from donors during the checkout process. However, some donors may be able to avoid answering these
As much as we love creativity and customization, the blue color used for the UI elements in Checkout has been optimized for accessibility and conversion and cannot be modified. Our team has conducted
If the Apple Pay button doesn't appear on your website, there are several common issues that you should check. The troubleshooting steps vary depending on whether you're using Campaign Pages or the Checkout
To minimize the risk of fraudulent activities via our checkout, we suggest establishing a minimum donation amount. Even though we have a dependable and consistent system in place for detecting suspicious
Can I change colors used in checkout? No. Can I add video to my donation checkout? No.

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