Can I issue a partial refund via Fundraise Up? You are not able to issue a partial refund from the Fundraise Up dashboard. You may issue a partial refund from Stripe with some limitations. Partial refunds
Can I add an end date to a recurring plan? Adding an end date is currently NOT an available option for recurring plans. Adding an end date to the plan is currently not an available option on your recurring
Fundraise Up supports animated GIFs for your campaign emails. Add some extra emotion-triggering graphics to your emails and get more clicks through. Or, just add a nice touch. On Fundraise Up, animated
Donating funds, at the time of donation, is an agreement by the donor to provide funds to the specified Campaign (and Designation, if applicable). Our interface, with a new Edit button on Donations and
From the Dashboard Similarly, to cancel a Recurring plan, you need to be on its page in the Fundraise Up dashboard. There are plenty of ways to get there - the easiest is the global search bar, but you
To refund a Donation, you need to be on that Donation's page in the Fundraise Up dashboard. There are plenty of ways to get there - the easiest way is to use the global search bar, but you can also find
To modify the footer text of the PDF receipt, please go to your Fundraise Up Settings, go to Receipt, and update your Footer text section. Fundraise Up pre-populates information like your non-profit name
If your SFTP server is behind a firewall, then please check if you need to create/update a pre-approval list for the following IP addresses as your SFTP may be blocking our IP address. Our SFTP export
Can I pause a P2P fundraiser in my donor portal? Donors cannot pause their own fundraisers from Donor Portal, but you can pause fundraisers from the administrative dashboard. Once the P2P has been created,
Each Campaign allows you control over one avenue of giving, from the questions you ask to the emails you send. Whether you use one Campaign or many, it's vital to make sure you ask for what you need. Campaigns,

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