Donations can be in the “early fraud warning” status when a cardholder lodges a claim of fraud with their issuing bank and occurs before an official chargeback. Stripe provides this warning when they detect
We designed our global elements to be easy to use and to maximize donation conversion, so they are enabled by default. However, if you would like them to stop showing on your site, here's how they can
A receipt serves as a confirmation of a successful donation and can be used for tax purposes. However, there may be instances where a donation needs to be refunded, and the corresponding receipt must be
If you're looking to disable a campaign and wondering what will happen with your recurring donations, we've got you covered. Removing the link, disabling, or archiving the campaign will not affect your
If you have an integration set up with Raiser's Edge NXT, you may be wondering if you can sync donations in bulk to your CRM. While Fundraise Up can automatically sync donations to Raiser's Edge NXT, donations
Fundraise Up sends emails to donors to confirm their donations and keep them updated on important information related to their contribution. But where can you find these emails, and how can you view them?
If you're trying to create a new P2P (peer-to-peer) fundraiser in our platform's dashboard, it's important to select the campaign that the fundraiser will be associated with. If you're unable to find the
If your SFTP server is behind a firewall, then please check if you need to create/update a pre-approval list for the following IP addresses as your SFTP may be blocking our IP address. Our SFTP export
Absolutely! For 501(c)(3) organizations, changing your Tax ID is possible too. However, it requires us to update certain information on our end. This includes the Tax ID itself, and we'll need to upload
It happens to the best of us! If a donor makes an error while inputting a tributee's email address, easy to fix. Here's how you can amend this directly in the Dashboard: Head over to the relevant donation

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