Can I pause a P2P fundraiser in my donor portal? Donors cannot pause their own fundraisers from Donor Portal, but you can pause fundraisers from the administrative dashboard. Once the P2P has been created,
If you're trying to process a donation via the Virtual Terminal and can't see Bacs Direct Debit as an option, even though it's enabled for your account, follow these troubleshooting steps: Confirm direct
Fundraise Up sends emails to donors to confirm their donations and keep them updated on important information related to their contribution. But where can you find these emails, and how can you view them?
If you've noticed that the converted amounts between PayPal and Fundraise Up don't match up, the reason for the discrepancy lies in the currency exchange rates used by the two platforms. Fundraise Up and
If you are looking to host a telethon for your fundraising goals, Fundraise Up makes it easy to do so. With our help you can organize a telethon to gather attention and support for your cause. In our Dashboard
When editing a Campaign, if you click into the Checkout tab, you'll find Thank You Screen as an option in the left-hand menu. From there, you can edit the Thank You behavior - specifically, whether we
You can change the donor’s email address in our Dashboard, for example if a donor has entered the address with mistake during Checkout process. The donor’s email address is the unique identifier used
The receipt PDF can be customized from Dashboard > Settings > Receipt in your Fundraise Up account. Explore the receipting docs to learn about the available customizations.
Absolutely! For 501(c)(3) organizations, changing your Tax ID is possible too. However, it requires us to update certain information on our end. This includes the Tax ID itself, and we'll need to upload
You might be puzzled when you see an outdated card on an active recurring plan in the Dashboard, despite knowing the donor's card has been reissued. Why doesn't this information update? The card data for

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