The Questions feature is a useful tool for obtaining information from donors during Checkout, Fundraisers, and Virtual Terminal. You can manage and create questions from the Settings section of your Fundraise
Want to guide your donors using Donate Form element straight to the checkout payment screen, skipping the initial ask page? Yes, it's possible with a few tweaks in your campaign settings. To direct donors
If a recurring plan has a "Scheduled" status due to being skipped by the donor or via the Dashboard, there isn't a direct way to unskip it. However, you can use the following workaround to reactivate the
The recurring plan in a Failed status cannot be canceled. This is because we aim to maintain accurate and comprehensive statistics about recurring plan statuses. However, a failed plan behaves the same
The questions interface for your campaigns and elements offer options for your questions, but does not offer edit functions for existing questions. If you don't see what you need, there is more functionality
The Recurring tab will show recurring plans as a whole. The Donations tab, if filtered to recurring, will show every donation installment processed for all plans within a time frame. As a result, you should
To update your organization's legal information, including your registered address, navigate to the Account settings page under your general settings. Scroll to the Legal section of the page and here
You can edit or add account codes on accounts from the Account page of Settings, or by going to the Subaccounts page and editing it for subaccounts of the current account. Account code is a field that
No, refunded donations do not appear on any display elements and are not included in any sums or totals on elements.
If you want to make a one-time donation on a future date, you can do so using the Virtual Terminal in our Dashboard. Donors cannot make such donations during our regular checkout process. To use the Virtual

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