If you are an Organization Administrator user and you're getting an error message that your role doesn't have enough permissions for some actions, there may be a following reason why this is happening.
If you've noticed that a transaction in Stripe contains Fundraise Up metadata, but you can't find it in your Fundraise Up dashboard, it may be because the transaction was a failed donation attempt via
If you've noticed that the converted amounts between PayPal and Fundraise Up don't match up, the reason for the discrepancy lies in the currency exchange rates used by the two platforms. Fundraise Up and
If you are looking to host a telethon for your fundraising goals, Fundraise Up makes it easy to do so. With our help you can organize a telethon to gather attention and support for your cause. In our Dashboard
You can easily correct supporter’s name in our Dashboard, for example if a donor has accidentally entered the wrong name during Checkout process. To do this, go to the Supporters tab and enter the current
Designations are a valuable tool for categorizing donations and providing greater clarity to donors about how their contributions will be used. They are not enabled by default in Checkout, but you can
Can I issue a partial refund via Fundraise Up? You are not able to issue a partial refund from the Fundraise Up dashboard. You may issue a partial refund from Stripe with some limitations. Partial refunds
Can I add an end date to a recurring plan? Yes, you can. You can add any (or any combination) of the following limits: Maximum plan amount Maximum plan installments Plan end date Read more about recurring
Fundraise Up supports animated GIFs for your campaign emails. Add some extra emotion-triggering graphics to your emails and get more clicks through. Or, just add a nice touch. On Fundraise Up, animated
Donating funds, at the time of donation, is an agreement by the donor to provide funds to the specified Campaign (and Designation, if applicable). Our interface, with a new Edit button on Donations and

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