Donor Portal
Supporters can update their payment methods, as well as other details of their recurring plan in the Donor Portal. If an installment ever fails, they can also be automatically sent the Installment failed
In the Donor Portal, donors can edit payment details for their recurring donation, including the amount, frequency, and payment method. If the recurring plan has limits, such as a maximum donation amount
Fundraise Up account default option uses machine learning to determine when to set a recurring plan's status to Failed after charge attempts have been made, helping organizations to avoid unnecessary charges
If your recurring donation was cancelled, there is still a way to start it over. This can be done either through our Dashboard or in the Donor Portal. To restart a cancelled recurring donation through
Unfortunately, there is no option for donors to change their email address themselves in such cases. However, organizations can edit a donor's email address from the Dashboard. To update the donor's email
If you're looking to provide your supporters with access to the Donor Portal so they can manage their donations, it's a simple process. First, you'll need to send them a link to the Donor Portal. You
How can the donor change the payment method for their recurring plan? The donor can edit their recurring plan details from their Donor Portal, available via links on their recurring receipt emails and
Can I change the frequency of an existing recurring plan? As of July 2022, it's now possible for donors and users alike to edit the frequency of existing recurring plans from either Donor Portal or the
Can I add an end date to a recurring plan? The answer depends on your role in the fundraising process – whether you are an admin of a non-profit organization or a donor. Admin users can add an end date
Can I change the payment currency on a recurring plan? While it is possible to change the amount and the payment method to some extent on Recurring plans so that future donations are billed appropriately,

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