No, it is not possible to change the typeface used for Checkout or Elements. IBM Plex Sans is standardized for Checkout and Elements to enhance the donor experience and ensure an accessible web experience
The Social Proof element showcases recent donations to your campaign, encouraging other visitors to donate. You can select how much donor information is displayed (first name, last name, initials, etc.).
If you've been testing a donation form and are seeing a reminder that keeps popping up, deleting the website's cookies will remove the reminder. Here's how to do it in different browsers: Google Chrome:
What elements can be used in emails? The only elements that can be put in emails are those which don't require JavaScript to work. So, those would be your link elements or your QR codes! The majority of
If you are working with Fundraise Up, you may have noticed that our typical element code includes HTML links formatted as follows: <a href="#XXXXXXXX" style="display: none"></a> The Role of "display: none"
No, refunded donations do not appear on any display elements and are not included in any sums or totals on elements.
There are two ways to route visitors to a page in such a way that checkout is open automatically: by using a Donate Link element URL, or by using the “Checkout URL” as provided for each campaign. Donate
Label fields for elements (meaning, any field which fills in text to be shown on the element to a visitor) cannot be left blank or empty. The default field value will be applied if there is nothing in
Social Proof is an element that pops up little alerts to help visitors see when other people have donated, and to allow them to click to give from those alert popups. Clicking to donate from a Social Proof
Are the Donor Map markers exact? Donor Map markers are local to the municipality where the donor gave, and are not ever exact to provided addresses. Given the fact that Donor Map elements have the ability

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