If your organization has a nonprofit status, and if more than 80% of the incoming funds on Stripe will be tax-deductible donations, you're encouraged to apply for discounted stripe processing fees. As
You can connect an existing Stripe account to Fundraise Up if it is not a Stripe Connect account with platform controls. Typically, these types of accounts are created and managed by a third party platform
If you do not ask donors to subscribe to your mailing list in Fundraise Up checkout, then it will default to opt-out in Virtuous. Essentially there are two ways to think of the lack of provision of clear
Why I can't find my Raiser's Edge campaign in Special Rules? Please check if your Raiser's Edge campaign is disabled or has an end date prior to the current day. For a Raiser's Edge campaign to be selectable
Why am I receiving a tender.Type error when syncing to Neon CRM? We cannot sync donations to Neon CRM unless the tender type the donation should be made with is "On" in Neon CRM. If you are receiving this
Will I lose my mapping rules if I disconnect my CRM from Fundraise Up? The only time your mapping rules will be overwritten is when you connect your Fundraise Up dashboard to a different CRM environment.
Can I use the HubSpot integration if I only have HubSpot Professional? The integration requires at least one free custom object and one free pipeline, which is usually only available on HubSpot Enterprise
What does the "Something went wrong" sync error mean? There was an issue that didn't allow the synchronization of our data to complete over to your CRM. Please reach out to support to gather more information
What does the error "This Connect account cannot currently make live charges." mean? This error often means account verification in Stripe is required. If you cannot process any donations and notice the
If you integrate Double the Donation with Fundraise Up and with your CRM, please review the Double the Donation support article to prevent duplicate donations. To prevent your donors from receiving multiple

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