Conversion tracking enables you to measure your return on ad spend by tracking the actions people take after viewing or engaging with your ads on Twitter. Once conversion tracking is set up, you'll also
If you do not ask donors to subscribe to your mailing list in Fundraise Up checkout, then it will default to opt-out in Virtuous. Essentially there are two ways to think of the lack of provision of clear
Why am I receiving a tender.Type error when syncing to Neon CRM? We cannot sync donations to Neon CRM unless the tender type the donation should be made with is "On" in Neon CRM. If you are receiving this
Will I lose my mapping rules if I disconnect my CRM from Fundraise Up? The only time your mapping rules will be overwritten is when you connect your Fundraise Up dashboard to a different CRM environment.
Can I use the HubSpot integration if I only have HubSpot Professional? With HubSpot Professional, you are good to go for the Fundraise Up integration. When you integrate with HubSpot Professional, we tap
There’s a few reasons why you might not be shown your integration settings in Fundraise Up, most of which are related to our permissions towards that CRM’s accounts. For example, if the integration works
Please review Double the Donations documentation on how to upload historical donations. If you enabled Double the Donation integration at a later time and would like to upload past Fundraise Up donations
How can I check my donations sync statuses? Each donation has a section showing its status with regards to any connected integrations. Additionally, each integration has a sync log showing all attempted
Why I can't find the Fundraise Up app in Zapier? The Fundraise Up app is an invite-only application at this time and is not searchable on the Zapier welcome screen. However, you may find the app after
Why do I have two records in Bloomerang for the first installment of a recurring plan? One record represents the first installment, the other record represents the schedule of payment. Think of the "Recurring

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