Why do I have two records in Raiser's Edge NXT for the first installment of a recurring plan? One record represents the first installment, the other record represents the schedule of payment. Think of
If you encounter an error stating that the "RecurringEndedAt__c" column is missing in your recurring object in Salesforce, such an issue is easy to resolve. We send data to Salesforce about the date a
If you're using an integration between Fundraise Up and your CRM to sync your donor and donation data, you may be wondering if it's possible to exclude specific donations from being synced. When you connect
If you have found out that your CRM integration with Fundraise Up is disconnected, don't panic! It can happen for a variety of reasons, including accidental disconnection by your employee or removal of
One key feature of our platform is its ability to integrate with CRM software, allowing charities to manage donor data more effectively. However, if the admin user who set up the integration connection
If you have disconnected your 360MatchPRO integration with Fundraise Up, it can be easily restored. The process for reconnecting depends on the type of your 360MatchPRO account. To reconnect, you will
Log in to your Stripe account to see if account information is required to complete the account review process.
You can connect an existing Stripe account to Fundraise Up if it is not a Stripe Connect account with platform controls. Typically, these types of accounts are created and managed by a third party platform
Why am I receiving a tender.Type error when syncing to Neon CRM? We cannot sync donations to Neon CRM unless the tender type the donation should be made with is "On" in Neon CRM. If you are receiving this
Will I lose my mapping rules if I disconnect my CRM from Fundraise Up? The only time your mapping rules will be overwritten is when you connect your Fundraise Up dashboard to a different CRM environment.

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