Payment methods
To activate Apple Pay as a payment method, you need to verify the domain where it will be used. If your website is built using Webflow, you can easily complete the verification process from your Webflow
This is a Stripe feature that stores contact information for those who haven't completed a transaction. Stripe creates a "Guest" when a Stripe Payment isn't tied to a Stripe Customer yet. In order to best
Refunds made in Stripe Refunds made in Stripe do not sync back to the pertinent donation in Fundraise Up. Please always refund donations via Fundraise Up when available. We do know that in some cases,
Read below to get a better idea of when you can expect the funds from donations made via Bank Transfers to be deposited into your payment processor’s account. ACH Bank Transfer (USA) takes up to 3 business
How can I make test ACH donations on Fundraise Up? Making test donations using Stripe's Test ACH numbers can give you a better perspective of what the donor experience is like for those who would rather
How are Stripe Customers used? Fundraise Up creates Customers in your Stripe account when processing all one-time Donations and the first Donation installments of Recurring Plans. As your Fundraise Up
What is a PayPal IPN notification warning? IPN is a service that notifies you about updates to your PayPal transactions. Fundraise Up doesn't utilize this service, so if you receive such a notice, it was
Can I make daily recurring plans with Fundraise Up? While public donation checkout only supports one-time and monthly frequencies, you can make recurring plans with a range of frequencies using Virtual
Can I change the payment currency on a recurring plan? While it is possible to change the amount and the payment method to some extent on Recurring plans so that future donations are billed appropriately,
Can we only use PayPal as a payment processor? We partner with Stripe to give your organization to accept as many common methods of donation as possible. As such, Stripe is required as your baseline payment

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