Payment methods
To activate Apple Pay as a payment method, you need to verify the domain where it will be used. Prerequisites Administrative access to your WordPress dashboard Access to the Fundraise Up Dashboard using
We offer a wide array of payment methods, enabling donors to select their preferred method for making contributions. This provides donors with convenience and enhances organizational flexibility and fundraising
If you've noticed that the payout amount for a donation is sometimes larger than the difference between the donation amount and covered fees, you may be wondering why this is happening. It's important
If you've confirmed that you've set up Apple Pay correctly on your website, but the Apple Pay button isn't appearing during Checkout, don't worry. Below is a handy checklist to help you troubleshoot the
To activate Apple Pay as a payment method, you need to verify the domain where it will be used. If your website is built using Webflow, you can easily complete the verification process from your Webflow
We've transitioned from Plaid (Instant ACH) and our previous version of ACH Direct Debit to a new version of ACH Direct Debit, also provided by Stripe. We’re also introducing automatic verification, which
If you're experiencing difficulties verifying your domain for Apple Pay on a WordPress website, there could be several plugins or configurations interfering with the process: Security plugins: plugins
Squarespace is equipped with the necessary Apple domain verification file, which simplifies the verification process for you if your organization’s website is built using Squarespace. Prerequisites Access
Does PayPal offer nonprofit rates or fee discounts? Yes, please check out for more information. By simply confirming that your PayPal account belongs to a 501c3 (if based
The mandate type will always be set to recurrent, irrespective of whether the donation is one-time or recurring. This is because Stripe does not currently support single_use sources for SEPA Direct Debits.

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