Payment methods
Does PayPal offer nonprofit rates or fee discounts? Yes, please check out for more information. By simply confirming that your PayPal account belongs to a 501c3 (if based
The mandate type will always be set to recurrent, irrespective of whether the donation is one-time or recurring. This is because Stripe does not currently support single_use sources for SEPA Direct Debits.
If you're experiencing difficulties verifying your domain for Apple Pay on a WordPress website, there could be several plugins or configurations interfering with the process: Security pluginsPlugins like
If you're trying to connect your PayPal account to Fundraise Up and you receive confirmation from PayPal's side, but the connection doesn't appear in Fundraise Up, here's a quick troubleshooting guide
We partner with Stripe to give your organization to accept as many common methods of donation as possible. As such, Stripe is required as your baseline payment processor, and PayPal can be added to maximize
You can adjust this in your Stripe account's payout settings. For more information on this setting, please refer to this helpful article in Stripe Help Center.
When a donor gives using ACH US Direct Debit through manual verification, they input the account and routing numbers of the bank account they want to donate from. To confirm that these details are correct,
By default, PayPal will create separate balances for donations received in currencies other than your account’s default currency. If you often receive donations in other currencies, we recommend configuring
There are hundreds of reasons why a donors credit card may be blocked or a donation fail. While we don't know the exact reason, we typically will be able to communicate a reason to the donor. We are only
For most payment methods: Your donors can donate in 135+ currencies. What is available to your donors is based on the currencies that are supported for the territory that your nonprofit is registered in.

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