Payment methods
By default, PayPal will create separate balances for donations received in currencies other than your account’s default currency. If you often receive donations in other currencies, we recommend configuring
Stripe negotiates directly with the credit card and these rates are determined by them. American Express has long been known for charging slightly more per-transaction. Fundraise Up will not charge you
At this time, we do not allow the creation of recurring plans via Venmo. This is largely infrastructural, so if there's any way for us to support that in the future, we'll do our best to explore those
Does PayPal offer nonprofit rates or fee discounts? Yes, please check out for more information. By simply confirming that your PayPal account belongs to a 501c3 (if based
This is a Stripe feature that stores contact information for those who haven't completed a transaction. Stripe creates a "Guest" when a Stripe Payment isn't tied to a Stripe Customer yet. In order to best
If you're trying to process a donation via the Virtual Terminal and can't see Bacs Direct Debit as an option, even though it's enabled for your account, follow these troubleshooting steps: Confirm direct
Can I change the payment currency on a recurring plan? While it is possible to change the amount and the payment method to some extent on Recurring plans so that future donations are billed appropriately,
We offer a wide array of payment methods, enabling donors to select their preferred method for making contributions. This provides donors with convenience and enhances organizational flexibility and fundraising
If you disable a payment method in your account settings, active recurring donation plans will still be charged as per the payment schedule — there's no need to worry. The situation is almost the same
If you're trying to connect your PayPal account to Fundraise Up and you receive confirmation from PayPal's side, but the connection doesn't appear in Fundraise Up, here's a quick troubleshooting guide

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