In Fundraise Up, recurring plans that encounter a failed charge will be put into a "retrying" status. But what happens next, and can the failed charge be retried? If a charge on a recurring donation plan
As a donation platform, Fundraise Up charges a platform fee to process donations made through our checkout. If you're a charity using Fundraise Up to collect donations, you may be wondering whether the
If you've noticed that the converted amounts between PayPal and Fundraise Up don't match up, the reason for the discrepancy lies in the currency exchange rates used by the two platforms. Fundraise Up and
You can adjust this in your Stripe account's payout settings. For more information on this setting, please refer to this helpful article in Stripe Help Center.
At Fundraise Up, we use a straightforward formula to determine the end date of a recurring donation. We take the date that the donor made their initial donation and charge on the same day of the week or
If you are looking to host a telethon for your fundraising goals, Fundraise Up makes it easy to do so. With our help you can organize a telethon to gather attention and support for your cause. In our Dashboard
To minimize the risk of fraudulent activities via our checkout, we suggest establishing a minimum donation amount. Even though we have a dependable and consistent system in place for detecting suspicious
Currently, we're only processing online donations. We do not have the option to record checks and cash gifts, but you can add such donations manually in your CRM. At Fundraise Up, we are concentrated on
When a donor gives using ACH Direct Debit they input the account and routing numbers of the bank account they want to donate from. To confirm that these details are correct, Stripe deposits a small amount
Log in to your Stripe account to see if account information is required to complete the account review process.

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