We've transitioned from Plaid (Instant ACH) and our previous version of ACH Direct Debit to a new version of ACH Direct Debit, also provided by Stripe. We’re also introducing automatic verification, which
If you've noticed that the payout amount for a donation is sometimes larger than the difference between the donation amount and covered fees, you may be wondering why this is happening. It's important
If a recurring plan is in a Failed status, it cannot be canceled in our system. This protocol helps maintain accurate and comprehensive statistics about the lifecycle and statuses of recurring plans. That
If you need to change the bank account where your Stripe payouts are deposited, you can easily update this information directly from your Stripe Dashboard. Steps to Update Bank Account To change the bank
In Fundraise Up, recurring plans that encounter a failed charge will be put into a "retrying" status. But what happens next, and can the failed charge be retried? If a charge on a recurring donation plan
Fundraise Up is designed to handle almost unlimited load. This article details the numbers you can expect, how we achieve this, and how we regularly test the platform. Key figures The platform is capable
At Fundraise Up, the Card Account Updater feature from Stripe plays a crucial role in maintaining uninterrupted donor engagement. This feature automatically updates saved payment methods when the issuing
Supporters can update their payment methods, as well as other details of their recurring plan in the Donor Portal. If an installment ever fails, they can also be automatically sent the Installment failed
When a supporter gives using ACH US Direct Debit through manual verification, they input the account and routing numbers of the bank account they want to donate from. To confirm that these details are
If you need to create a report that has PayPal payout information alongside Fundraise Up information, you will need to merge two exports, either joining PayPal and Fundraise Up exports, or PayPal and your

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