If you've noticed that some of your one-time donations are being treated as repeat subscriptions in PayPal, you may be wondering why this is happening. In some cases, this occurs when the donations were
Fundraise Up's platform supports cryptocurrency and stock donations, allowing donors to give in a way that's convenient and secure. Fundraise Up charges a 5% fee for processing crypto and stock donations.
If you need to create a report that has PayPal payout information alongside Fundraise Up information, you will need to merge two exports, either joining PayPal and Fundraise Up exports, or PayPal and your
When a donor gives using ACH Direct Debit they input the account and routing numbers of the bank account they want to donate from. To confirm that these details are correct, Stripe deposits a small amount
While the button in checkout does say Credit card in most regions, it always takes debit cards as well through the same fields. Through thousands of transaction records, we have found that labeling our
When a donor sets up a plan, their fee coverage choice is what is used for future installments unless they or an admin edits their plan to change that choice. If the donor chooses to not cover the transaction
If you've noticed that the converted amounts between PayPal and Fundraise Up don't match up, the reason for the discrepancy lies in the currency exchange rates used by the two platforms. Fundraise Up and
If you are looking to host a telethon for your fundraising goals, Fundraise Up makes it easy to do so. With our help you can organize a telethon to gather attention and support for your cause. In our Dashboard
If a recurring plan has a "Scheduled" status due to being skipped by the donor or via the Dashboard, there isn't a direct way to unskip it. However, you can use the following workaround to reactivate the
Firstly, it's important to note that Fundraise Up does not process donations directly. We rely on trusted third-party payment processors like Stripe to handle payment transactions for our platform. When

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