Migrated recurring donations from another platform to Fundraise Up will have the same characteristics as those created directly through our system checkout. Organizations will have the same options to
If you're looking to disable a campaign and wondering what will happen with your recurring donations, we've got you covered. Removing the link, disabling, or archiving the campaign will not affect your
If you're looking to change the payout date in Stripe, you can adjust this in your Stripe account's payout settings. Stripe allows you to adjust your payout schedule based on your needs, giving you the
If you've noticed that a transaction in Stripe contains Fundraise Up metadata, but you can't find it in your Fundraise Up dashboard, it may be because the transaction was a failed donation attempt via
You can adjust this in your Stripe account's payout settings. For more information on this setting, please refer to this helpful article in Stripe Help Center.
At Fundraise Up, we use a straightforward formula to determine the end date of a recurring donation. We take the date that the donor made their initial donation and charge on the same day of the week or
Log in to your Stripe account to see if account information is required to complete the account review process.

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