If your Fundraise Up account is currently integrated with Salesforce and you want to switch over to our specialized Salesforce NPSP integration, follow these steps. Make sure you have set up a Salesforce
If your organization uses the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) with Salesforce, you may want to map the payment method used to make a donation in Fundraise Up to the Payment method field on the NPSP Payments
At present, daily recurring donations do not create corresponding recurring objects in Salesforce NPSP due to Salesforce's API limitations. While our platform allows daily recurring donations, these cannot
Please make sure your connected integration user has "Marketing User" rights. If you have connected the Salesforce integration, it's important to ensure that the connected user has Marketing User rights
If you encounter an error stating that the "RecurringEndedAt__c" column is missing in your recurring object in Salesforce, such an issue is easy to resolve. We send data to Salesforce about the date a
Unfortunately, it is not possible to connect Salesforce and Salesforce Non-Profit Success Pack (NPSP) simultaneously. If your organization has already connected the Salesforce integration, you won't be

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