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Hack the Mind: Using Psychology to boost Online Engagement

Using Psychology to Boost Online Engagement
In this entertaining and story-filled workshop, Fundraise Up and Mighty Citizen explore our minds’ most surprising tendencies. And then we’ll explore how they intersect with your website, marketing materials, and overall brand strategy.
You’ll leave with a new understanding of the subtle, predictable, and (often) irrational ways we humans think. And you’ll get equipped with concrete ways to apply these great “brain hacks” to your organization.

In this webinar you'll learn about

The Complexity of the Human Mind

We explore both the surprising and unsurprising ways our mind processes information.

Psychological Tactics for Donor Communication

How to use these insights and speak to donors more effectively.

Real World Examples

See real-world examples of how Nonprofits are using psychology in their fundraising.


Jarrett Way
Content & Digital Marketing Manager
Mighty Citizen
Nic Miller
Director of Experience
Fundraise Up

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