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Secret sauce

We apply the psychology of donor giving and appeal to both to rational and emotional sides of the brain.
Combining the science of giving, the latest technology and human-centered design, we increase emotional involvement and trust while decreasing anxiety and removing barriers to give.

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Typical donation funnel

10,000 people/mo
visit your website
700 people
start donation process
100 people
complete donation process

median donation size
Fundraise Up

10,000 people/mo
visit your website
900 people
start donation process
200 people
complete donation process

median donation size
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What our customers are saying

Our customers include charities, schools, churches, political and medical research organizations.

Dwayne Flinchum

Director of Marketing and Communications, Child Mind Institute

Fundraise Up was a great addition to our platform of digital marketing tools. It enhanced the online funding experience, delivered a great presentation and UX that was appropriate for our brand, and we saw immediate benefits from applying it. It was a simple, smart and easy way to upgrade our website and mobile donor experience.

Marilyn Simon-Gersuk

Director, Communications & Development, Open Medicine Foundation

“Our donors find the widget easy to use and we have had positive feedback. The customer service is always prompt and super responsive. From an admin side, it offers us great new tools. We love it!”

Brandon Gossett

Director of Development, Neverthrist

“We love Fundraise Up. They are a great group to work with and the support staff is always very helpful. We have seen donations increase because of the AI feature they use. Our monthly giving has grown almost exponentially because of how they encourage that through the giving process. Our donors have mentioned they like the platform as well. We highly recommend them.”