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The EveryAction integration now better truncates values sent to custom text fields with character limits in EveryAction.

Impact Slider elements are now more responsive, swapping between horizontal and vertical layouts dynamically based on current browser width.

The Neon CRM integration now offers more datapoints under the Donation entity, allowing you to map info like donation source, fee breakdown, record and page URLs, and more to custom fields on Transaction records in Neon CRM.

Custom domain names for Donor Portal can now be set up without engineering assistance! When editing your URL in the settings page for Donor Portal, you can now choose to use a custom domain instead of the Fundraise Up default.

Compose image collections that your donors can choose from when sending tribute notifications by email. You can control which image collections are available for a given campaign by editing that campaign's tribute options.

The help icon in the top right of the Fundraise Up dashboard now offers a dropdown of options. Right now, it offers links to the Help center and to email our support team, but stay tuned - there's more to come!

HubSpot uses subscription types to store what types of communication a contact has or has not consented to receive. The HubSpot integration now has an optional subscription type dropdown to allow you to control which subscription type is updated on Contacts based off the donation's mailing list response.

As part of the preparation for localization, email template controls have been optimized. Campaign-level email controls are being streamlined to allow customizing first-touch and high-priority emails on a per-Campaign basis, while subsequent, more standardized emails will always use your Account-level defaults.

The EveryAction integration now offers controls on the Email Status saved on Contacts in EveryAction if the mailing list checkbox was not offered during Fundraise Up checkout. For regions allowing implied mailing consent, it can be set to Subscribed; for all other jurisdictions, we recommend leaving it blank to ensure compliance.

If a Double the Donation integration is connected to a parent account and is set to sync data from its subaccounts as well, the "Campaign" field on a synced donation in Double the Donation will show now the subaccount name before the campaign name.

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In the public checkout specifically, when mailing address country is set to the United Kingdom, the Postcode box moves to the top of the form to help donors use it for address autocompletion.

Fundraise Up accounts with Australian Stripe accounts can now enable BECS Direct Debit as a payment option, allowing donors to give directly from their Australian bank accounts!

Virtual Terminal now shows the actual common names of the bank-based payment method being used; (US sees "ACH", CA sees "PAD", UK sees "Bacs Direct Debit", AU sees "BECS Direct Debit"). Similarly, the full names of those payment methods in the options settings screen are clearer now, to make it glanceable what regions they are usable for.

Element statistics now default to showing activity from the past 30 days, and the column header has a new dropdown menu to allow you to control the date range for statistics.

We've improved how donation checkout handles when a donor donates as a business. If an On Behalf Of (aka Business Name) value is entered during checkout, the Corporate Match (Double Your Impact) screen of checkout will not be shown, as only individual donations can be matched by employers, and for UK accounts, the Gift Aid screen of checkout will not be shown, as only individual donations are eligible to be claimed for Gift Aid.

The default Terms text now contains no sample links, and any Campaigns which had enabled Terms and left the text with the original sample links directing to our non-working sample page (https://yourwebsite.org/terms, for example) have been edited to remove those non-working links.

tributeHonoree is now an available URL API parameter, allowing you to send donors to checkout with a tributee name suggestion pre-filled.

To better support donors from the UK, in all Fundraise Up checkouts (public and Virtual Terminal), when mailing address country is set to United Kingdom, Loqate is now used as the address autocompletion engine and can provide suggestions based off of entered Postcode and Street Address.

To better support visual accessibility, the Close button in the top right has been redesigned with a built-in background to provide higher contrast.

Clicking "Bank transfer" during checkout when only one option would be available now takes the donor directly to that payment option's screen, instead of taking them to an unnecessary interstitial screen with only one option.

When adding Question columns to an export template, the default format for new columns will provide the most frequently needed value, the Answer, instead of defaulting to providing the Question Code. As always, you can change the format per-column using the format dropdown.

We've added a new email template named "Recurring Plan Failed", sent to the donor when a Recurring Plan fails enough installments that the whole plan is considered "failed" and stops making new installments. The email template contains a "Reactivate My Donation" button that takes the donor to enter new payment information, which will change their plan back to "active".

EveryAction syncing now offers batch syncing for high-volume, providing a massive speed increase to ensure that data in EveryAction is kept as current as possible.

Regions which impose tax on donation-associated charges (such as Australia, New Zealand/Aotearoa, and Ireland) now display "Tax amount" as a line item on Donations, and make "Tax amount" and "Tax currency" exportable.

The Virtuous CRM integration now syncs reversing transactions to Gifts when donations are refunded, instead of deleting the Gift as was necessary previously.

CRM Integrations that sync Recurring Plans to a separate object now include newly created Recurring Plans with start dates in the future, such as those created via the post-donation upsell or in Virtual Terminal, in the automatic sync.

Tributee name can now be always shown to donors, rather than being gated behind a checkbox. This selection is available on a per-Campaign basis.

In a review of the success vs fail rates of our bank-based payment methods, we've made the following adjustments to existing minimums. These minimums only affect public donation checkout - all Bank Account methods that appear in Virtual Terminal still have no minimum donation amount. For US accounts:

  • Plaid (instant ACH) is offered in public checkout for all USD donations, if enabled.
  • Classic ACH is offered in public checkout starting at 95 USD.
  • Bacs (UK Direct Debit) is offered in public checkout for donations starting at 2 GBP.
  • BECS (Australian Direct Debit) is offered in public checkout for donations starting at 2 AUD.

For P2P Fundraisers, "End date" has been changed to "Goal date" in all locations except exports, so as to not disrupt existing export/import flows if based on column name. This change was done to reflect how that field actually works, given that passing that date doesn't "end" the fundraiser, but merely is the organizer's hope for when they'll hit their goal amount.

Choosing ACH in Virtual Terminal before contact info has been entered now no longer flags Phone specifically and solely as the missing field.

You can now choose the preview style for mailed tributes in Donor Portal. The current options allow you to choose between the new letter and envelope preview and the original postcard preview.

The P2P tab now totals online amount and offline amount to get the result for the "Raised" column, making it easier to assess actual total performance per-fundraiser.

Supporter First Name and Supporter Last Name are now available fields for the Opportunity Name editor in the Salesforce integration's settings page.

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Donations and Recurring Plans with tributes shared via printed card will now once more show up in list views with a mailbox icon in the right hand side icons for easy viewing.

Any export templates of the export type "Shared Tributes" can now also include the supporter's own mailing address, if provided. This should help organizations who include the supporter's mailing address on printed cards as a return address or destination for thank-yous.

The underperforming Thank You Screen option to suggest starting a P2P Fundraiser has been fully deprecated, with all Campaigns with that selected reverted to the much more impactful Thank You Screen option which shows optimized social media buttons.

Legacy Element code has been fully deprecated and will no longer be used to render Elements on-page. If you had any V1 Element codes on some pages that have not been replaced yet, please use our Swapping Elements guide to replace them with new Elements, creatable and maintainable from your Fundraise Up dashboard.

The verification dialog admins or donors see when verifying their bank account details via micro-deposit amount now has correct information about the number of retries allowed.

Anonymous Donation (whether a gift should be acknowledged publicly) can now be checked or unchecked for existing Donations and Recurring Plans by editing their "Personal Information".

The Neon CRM Integration now appropriately associates any donations with On Behalf Of populated to the Company Account record found or created at the time of sync.

When entering an Address, if Ireland is set as the Country, the code label is now EIRCode instead of Zip Code as previous.

UK Fundraise Up accounts now have Mx as a value in the UK-proprietary Title dropdown, allowing visitors who want to provide a title but specifically want to provide a commonly gender-neutral title to do so.

Supporter pages and views now display a more appropriate Lifetime Donated amount, as it now only includes successful Donations.

Double-spaces between words in Emails will now be automatically stripped out to remove accidental double-spaces when using merge tags that fill in nothing if no value is saved.

Export Templates for Recurring Plans can now include columns for donation source, payment processor, payment method, and partial credit card info.

UK Fundraise Up accounts can now control whether to ask for title at all, and additionally if it's asked for, whether to make it optional or required. We strongly recommend leaving title optional if possible; requiring title of all donors may cause you to lose donations due to extra form fields and may alienate donors who do not like to provide title or who do not find their option of choice in the menu.

PDF Receipts are now optional; if needed, the button to disable PDF receipts is available on the Receipts page of Settings, at the bottom of the page.

The Zapier Integration now includes 15 new fields, including 3 fields specific to UK compatibility. Now, you can automate actions based on a more complete picture of your data! This includes a broader array of status change dates, element fields, donation source, "on behalf of" business name, fundraiser fields, and Gift Aid fields.

In the Bank Verification emails that a donor received when verifying via micro-deposit, the mockup of their bank statement in the email now appropriately shows AMTS as the line item, given that that's the statement descriptor Stripe uses for micro-deposits specifically.

On Behalf Of (the business name for a corporate donation) can now be edited for existing Donations and Recurring Plans by editing their "Personal Information".

Enabling Apple Pay is now more intuitive, guiding you through the validation experience rather than leaving it as a secondary step. Additionally, we now auto-validate www/non-www variants on the same domain (so, validating example.com would also cause us to validate www.example.com and vice versa).

Say goodbye to donors writing long beautiful tribute messages that sadly don't fit on your mail provider's Tribute cards! There's now a Tributes page in Settings which includes an option to set a postal message character limit for Tributes.

The new Tribute flow is now standard, ensuring that donors that choose to dedicate their donation to someone have a fast experience during donation and a positive experience while composing their card or e-card, if applicable.

All dashboards now allow multi-select for dropdown filters! You can select multiple options in any list-style filter dropdown by hovering over any option and checking the checkboxes on the right side of each listed option.

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Tributes have received a comprehensive overhaul, and our updated Tributes help article now covers the entire Tribute process start-to-finish.

Your Fundraise Up account now shows more explanatory tooltips and links to help articles throughout the system, including on all top-level tabs (Donations, Insights, etc) and most Settings pages.

P2P Fundraisers can now have an optional Designation, allowing supporters to run fundraisers aimed at a particular cause or bucket of funds.

You can now set the default value of any Custom Fields for any P2P Button or Link Elements. Saved Custom Field info is visible in the dashboard and exportable in exports of P2P Fundraisers.

You can now associate Questions with any P2P Buttons or Links. Anyone starting a fundraiser using such an Element will also be asked all associated Questions during fundraiser setup.

Supporters can now access and edit their Profile from Donor Portal, allowing them to set their desired name and email address for use with Donor Portal and their ongoing Recurring Plans.

P2P Fundraisers now have a Display Name field, allowing your supporters to make fundraisers titled for particular occasions or events, teams, or simply to use a different public name than their provided first + last name.

UK Fundraise Up accounts now show a title dropdown in donation checkout, fundraiser setup, and tribute card creation. This dropdown defaults to being optional, and starts off blank for donors, both because title often constitutes demographic information and because no title list is ever or can ever be comprehensive.

Images you add to the content of your Email Templates using the rich text editor can now act as links, allowing for more dynamic and engaging email content.

The informative FAQ on the side of checkout is now more intelligent, only displaying "Can I cancel my recurring donation?" if you allow donors to cancel their own Recurring Plans via Donor Portal.

As there are now more donors adding and sharing their Tributes post-donation, we've added a Shared Tributes export type to help with keeping tabs on Tribute activity.

The filters on the Insights tab now allow multi-select! Select multiple options for the Account, Campaign, Designation, and Source filter dropdowns by using the checkboxes on the right side of each listed option.

The Virtuous CRM Integration has graduated from beta after a round of rapid improvements sourced from your early feedback. Our thanks to all our beta participants and early adopters!

For Donations and Recurring Plans that were created by one of your users in Virtual Terminal, you can now export their User ID, first and last name, and email, or map that info to your CRM.

The Logo set in your Email Defaults can now be scaled more dynamically using the Logo Height slider, allowing you to set your logo to any height between 50px and 80px.

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Donation records now display more granular dates. Success Date will always display, and Refund Date/Failed Date will display if populated.

The Thank You Screen of donation checkout has received some UI attention. Social Sharing buttons are now styled like buttons with a larger clickable/tappable area, and there's now a Close link at the bottom of the pane.

Our Virtuous CRM Integration can now associate Gifts with Segments automatically.

Element ID, Name, and Type are now available datapoints for integration Mapping Rules, within Donation and Recurring Plan Export Templates, all Javascript API events, and our Google Tag Manager template.

The Insights tab has a brand-new Source filter, allowing the results of the Insights blocks to be based on just donations and recurring plans from particular sources.

Gift Aid is now available for UK Fundraise Up accounts! If enabled on a Campaign, donors will be able to declare whether you should claim Gift Aid on their donations, and that info will be fully exportable, mappable to your CRM, and available within your Fundraise Up account. Gift Aid declarations can also be taken when making donations on donor's behalf using Virtual Terminal.

If Mailing Address is enabled and optional in checkout, donors who declare Gift Aid will be required to provide their address regardless, to ensure data compliance.

PAD (Canadian Bank Debit) is now available for Canadian Fundraise Up accounts! If PAD is enabled as a Payment Method, and a donor chooses to pay in CAD, the Link to Bank button in checkout & the Bank Account option in Virtual Terminal will offer options to authorize donations from the donor's Canadian bank account.

Virtual Terminal now uses your Fundraise Up account's country setting as the default for any phone or mailing address fields.

Some donors were experiencing issues with their auto-fill browser behaviors putting their email address in the name fields during checkout. We've added validation specifically to prevent the @ symbol from being used in name fields to catch these cases.

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You can now edit the saved Custom Field values on Donations and Recurring Plans within the dashboard.

Our EveryAction Integration is now available in open beta as well! Please be advised API access is conditional based on EveryAction's determination, so feel free to reach out to your Fundraise Up Success Engineer if you'd like assistance starting that discussion.

Your Fundraise Up account can now send data for your Pixels directly via the Facebook Conversions API, supplementing and reinforcing the data sent via browser Javascript events.

Supporters can now see more details of one-time Donations in Donor Portal, including any Tribute and Comment they included while making each Donation.

The Javascript browser API will now provide more information in cases where a visitor opens checkout and closes it without completing a Donation.

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If the Double the Donation Integration is enabled, donors making a gift lower than their employer's minimum match amount will be offered an upsell to make sure their donation is eligible for a corporate match.

The new Exports tab has received a slate of improvements, including: Renaming controls for any column, to assist with legibility and easier preparation of files for imports.

More format controls for Checkout Question columns.

More granular date fields, such as Cancellation and Failed Date for Recurring Plans, and Success and Failed Date for Donations.

Donation exports now can include a file column for Latest Payment Error Message, to assist with triage of failed, pending, and retrying Donations.

The Success Date and Failed Date datapoints, in addition to the existing Donation Date which represents when the Donation was first created.

The Latest Payment Error Message datapoint, which is most useful for our Salesforce integration which can sync over failed, retrying, and pending Donations.

Donors will now have an easier time changing the Designation (and adding Comments) on their Donations, as those parts of checkout are now underlined when clickable.

The New Element popup now has buttons to filter the list by category, making it easier to find just the Element you need without having to scroll or read every description.

We now present only the applicable payment options for donors visiting checkout via the TikTok in-app browser.

Donor Portal content can now include tel: and mailto: links, allowing you to show phone numbers and email addresses that, when clicked, open the visitors' mail client or phone dialer.

Campaigns that use the "Redirect to URL" Thank You Screen option can now opt-in or opt-out of including PII in the redirected donor's URL parameters. This'll help orgs that use advanced analytics better stay compliant depending on their platform's requirements.

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The new Exports tab is now in an open beta for all clients: First, make any export templates you may need, to help you quickly get the exact data you need out of our system.

Then, either download files based on your templates as-needed, or schedule their delivery to email addresses or file servers of your choice!

Donations and Recurring Plans can now show more granular dates in Exports.

Our DonorPerfect Integration is now in an open beta. We're happy to provide guidance over Zoom on your initial setup and configuration - please feel free to contact your Success Engineer for our availability!

Special Rules now show Campaign and Designation Codes in the selector, to make it easier to be sure you're associating the correct ones with the correct external records.

All Recurring email templates can now include the Recurring Frequency merge tag! It'll insert the frequency of the Recurring Plan in lowercase (ex: monthly, annual, daily...)

Message Bar Elements now have more centered donate buttons in both mobile and desktop displays

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Top Fundraisers Elements will now calculate and display your P2P Fundraisers' progress in your account-wide default currency, instead of defaulting to USD.

Elements are now even more accessible, now rendering in with explanatory titles for all your visitors that use screen readers.

You now have control over whether names, emoji, and locations show up in each of your Social Proof Element popups.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) can now be required for all users from the Team page of Settings.

Recent Donations Elements now have an optional animation that animates new donations "loading in" to the Element. The animation only shows on the initial load of the Element; the periodic refresh when a person leaves a page with that Element open for long enough has no animation.

In any list of records in the Dashboard, you can now hover over any field to see the full text; this should be most useful if the full text is too long to fit in the allotted space and got cut off.

Virtual Terminal can now be set to only show a limited list of Campaigns! These limitations apply to all user roles, but any Organization Administrator can change those from Settings as needed.

Recurring Plans at Weekly, Biweekly, Quarterly, and Annual frequencies now offer improved Change Date and Reactivate options, both in the text shown and the options provided.

The Button Group, Donation Levels, and Impact Slider Elements now have a checkbox to control whether the donor is allowed to modify their donation amount after they've chosen an option from the Element.

Recurring Plans paid for via Bank accounts will no longer automatically retry Donations that fail, as that can cause overage charges or retry fees. Instead, there's now a Retry Now button available on the Donation installment that's awaiting retry, so that you can work with the donor to resolve the issue before retrying payment.

You can now map Amount Before Fees Covered using CRM Integrations.

It's now possible to control whether Virtual Terminal offers to pre-fill Supporter information based on partial personal info match.

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Promote your giving tiers with the new Donation Levels Element, which creates a dynamic group of cards + donate buttons, embeddable anywhere.

We've also made some refinements to which Donations are chosen for display in Social Proof Elements, with an eye towards showing more gifts above median gift size.

We're thrilled to announce that Fundraise Up's Neon CRM Integration is now live and publicly available!

Organizers of P2P Fundraisers can now see Comments left alongside Donations, both in the notification email they can receive for every Donation and within Donor Portal itself!

Recurring Plans paid for via any payment method can now use the Change Payment Method button to replace the current payment info with a new Credit Card to be used for future installments. Note that Virtual Terminal must be enabled to see this button.

Virtual Terminal can now show instructive notes for all users! This can be perfect for providing a script for call-center or volunteer donation takers, keeping all staff up to date on org programs to promote on calls, or just for a few handy links often needed during checkout.

Organization Administrators can now download every year's worth of PDF tax receipts in a single zip file, right from the Tax Receipts settings screen!

The public-facing donation checkout can now include a tooltip of legal text for Phone Number, to make it clear to donors what their phone number would be used for if provided.

You can now set your Account's Statement Descriptor in Fundraise Up, as a way to supplement your Stripe account's default descriptor. This was added mainly to assist orgs with subaccounts, so that even if all subaccounts are connected to the same Stripe account, you can still differentiate for the donor what account received the funds.

View Only users will now get a more specific error message that explains why they cannot save changes if they attempt to edit and update any records.

Make a call-to-action that can’t be ignored with the new Message Bar element!

You can now show rough location (city + country) in the Recent Donations and Top Supporters Elements.

The Salesforce Integration can now include the Donation Date in each Opportunity's Name.

The link editors in the Ask Pane now detect telephone numbers and email addresses, and automatically provide correctly formatted tel: and mailto: links.

Sticky Button Elements can now be set to show on all browsers, only desktop browsers, or only mobile browsers.

We've made refinements to the Recent Donations Element date/time display since launch.

The URL API now allows you to pre-fill First Name, Last Name, and Email for donors.

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The long-awaited Social Proof Element is now available in the Element builder. Provide a popup for your site visitors for each time another donor gives in real time!

You can now make and customize QR Code Elements within Fundraise Up, and either embed those within your website or download them as PNGs for printing and sharing.

Donors can now download zip folders of each year's PDF tax receipts right from Donor Portal, thanks to the new "Download All Receipts" dropdown in the Donation History section.

All Donations and Recurring Plans, test and live, now have "Synchronize" buttons for each connected Integration to sync or re-sync the record you're on to that platform specifically.

There is now a Recurring Plan Scheduled email template, sent when a Recurring Plan is created with a future Start Date (either via Virtual Terminal or the Post-Donation Upsell).

Similarly, the Recent Donations Element provides an embeddable card of 1-10 recent donations, with the option of showing full name, amount, date/time, and comment.

The Top Fundraisers Element now offers the option to include a Search box, allowing your visitors to search for their friend's P2P Fundraiser by first and/or last name 🔍, and click on their row to give to it directly.

Tribute Type is now an available merge field in the Tribute E-Card email; it will either write in "honor" or "memory" depending on the type of tribute made.

You can now automatically suggest a Recurring Plan to any donors that complete a one-time gift! For now, the post-donation upsell suggests an annual plan, starting a year from their Donation. It can be enabled in "Recurring Giving" under each Campaign's Checkout options.

Recurring Plans paid for via Credit Card now offer a Change Payment Method button to change the credit card used for future installments. Note that Virtual Terminal must be enabled to see this button.

P2P Fundraisers now clearly show the amount raised and goal amount alongside their progress meter during checkout.

Donation Source is now an available field in the Donations Export!

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Clients who have received our Recurring Plan enhancements now have access to multiple enhancements, including: A dropdown in Virtual Terminal to set a Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly frequency when creating new Recurring Plans.

A date field in Virtual Terminal to fill in an alternate Start Date when entering new Recurring Plans.

A button on existing Recurring Plan records to Skip Installments.