6 out of 7 donors abandon the donation process

We are out to change that with our online widget.

We keep the love affair going

Donating is an emotional process. Today's process is a buzzkill. We make donating sexy and double your revenue.
Over a hundred nonprofits use the Fundraise Up donation widget. They include charities, schools, churches, political campaigns, and medical research organizations.


I would say that is about 50% higher than we would normally expect for that time period. Our Executive Director is very happy both with the ease of donation and the great record-keeping. Really think you guys have hit a home run with this and Stripe partnership. Well played, sir, well played : )
— Wayne
Animal Shelter, Board Member

Very Impressed!

You all have put together a great package: no fees, no commitments, well-thought out product. Wonderful.
— Bruce
Executive Director, Spiritual Organization

A Breath of Fresh Air

It's such a breath of fresh air to use a platform that is so easy!
— Wendy
National children nonprofit, Marketing Manager

Donations are up!

We’ve seen an increase in donations since beginning to use Fundraise Up in 2017, and the conversation rates for donors visiting our site have tripled. We’re also noticed a very high participation rate for donors opting to cover processing fees. We’re very pleased with the service and think it’s making a big difference in the success of our mission.
— Beth
Animal Medical Nonprofit, Executive Director

I Am in Love With It!

I am in love with the widget. It is slick, elegant, and super easy to use. I rarely get excited about products, but I am really excited about this one. It is the only donation widget I know of that is not painful to use. It’s almost like a cool toy – the fingers just want to go and click ‘donate.’
— Tashi
Art Center, Founder

Seeing is believing

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